Nov 12 2007

al-Qaeda Will Quit Iraq (No Matter What SurrenderMedia Wishes)

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al-Qaeda has a choice to make – quit Iraq and survive to rebuild another day or continue to massacre Muslims and become the enemy of Islam. While the liberal far left in America keeps pretending Iraq and the war on terror are not at a cross roads, the anger, hatred and vengeance that Iraqi Muslims feel towards al-Qaeda is the largest single threat to Bin Laden’s bloodthirsty and bumbling movement. Iraq is now replete with horror stories about al-Qaeda’s atrocities. We here in the West barely get a inkling of what Muslims know about al-Qaeda. It has become so bad that Islamists who use to be allies to Bin Laden are calling on al-Qaeda to stop shedding Muslim blood. Bin Laden himself recently called for an end to the killing of Muslims, and Zawahiri made a similar statement last year to al-Qaeda’s leader in Iraq Zarqawi.

If al-Qaeda continues to massacre and torture Muslims then the entire Muslim world will turn on them. In fact much of it has turned on it based on its acts to date. But it will become universally loathed if it doesn’t stop the massacres in Iraq. And when al-Qaeda realizes it has lost Iraq then peace will come to that country and America will have succeeded in Iraq and in crippling al-Qaeda. The current positive news out of Iraq may even be an initial indicator that al-Qaeda is pulling up stakes there:,/p>

Rocket and mortar attacks in Iraq are reported to have fallen to their lowest levels for nearly two years.
The US military said such attacks in October fell to 369, half the level during October 2006. This is the third month running of reduced rocket fire.

Mortar and rocket attacks in Baghdad showed a similar pattern, falling to 53 in October from more than 200 in June.

US officials said this was in part due to the US troop surge for the capital launched in February.

Other reasons for the reduction were the discovery of arms caches following tip-offs from Iraqis, the killing of more insurgents and successful reconciliation campaigns, US military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel James Rikard said.

This appears to be supported by figures from Iraqi ministries on the death toll in Iraq – 887 Iraqis were killed in October, up on the September figure but significantly lower than the 1,992 deaths recorded in January 2007.

Some US military officials have said that al-Qaeda in Iraq, the group believed to be behind many of the biggest suicide bombings, has been driven out of Baghdad.

al-Qaeda cannot continue killing fellow Muslim without serious consequences. They have lost the Muslim street in Iraq. The best thing for them is to lay low, stop killing Muslims and rehabilitate their image in the Muslim community to return to being seen as saviors, instead of the butchers they have been. I would not be surprised if Bin Laden and al-Qaeda has issued directives to stop the killing in Iraq and get out of there before the Muslim civil war between moderates and extremists expands any farther than Iraq.

The SurrenderMedia will never admit this is happening – they can’t. They have invested the essence of their credibility in beliefing a US defeat was unavoidable. History always has a group of people who are examples of extreme delusion and error. For this time in history that would be the far left liberals. They have put so much on the line for an Iraq defeat they can’t even face up to their mistakes. They simply create fantasies out of thin air to avoid the truth. But al-Qaeda cannot afford to be so delusional. like the liberal media and ‘leaders’ in congress. Their very existence is in the balance. So the Dems and Libs will not get it, but that is OK. There are lots of Emperors strutting around in no clothes these days. al-Qaeda will have to reform or be destroyed. Either way they will lose Iraq. They can either make this their Waterloo or buy time to possibly rise up again later.

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  1. Terrye says:

    It is not just Iraq, from Pakistan to Egypt these people kill their own.

  2. Al-Qaeda Defeated in Iraq…

    Bin Laden is a brilliant guy? Er, not so much. He definitely does not understand how to make friends and influence people. Yep, The Surge is definitely turning Iraq into a big win for the US. vadkinsQT Monster Blog Home…

  3. WWS says:

    It strikes me that saying that Al Qaeda has “quit” Baghdad is a little like saying that Nazi Germany “quit” France.

    For all we know Zwahiri (the real operational commander) is still shouting “KILL! KILL! KILL!” but no one is left to follow his orders on the ground.