Nov 09 2007

Terrorists In Iraq Running Out Of Material

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It seems the Surge and other coordinated efforts by the Iraq government have had a serious impact on the logistics train the terrorists require to sustain their atrocities against Iraqi Muslims:

November 9, 2007: The various terrorist groups in Iraq, especially the Sunni Arabs and al Qaeda, appear to be having supply problems. In a word, the enemy is running out of ammunition.

Apparently most of the Saddam era, ready-made stuff, is gone. Most of the pre-2003 military explosives have been found and destroyed by American combat engineers over the last four years.

Another sign is the increased number of enemy weapons and munitions caches being found.

Another factor is reduced smuggling. The Iraqi border guards are more numerous and better armed than a year ago.

Of course this important news will not be recognized by the Surrendercrats and their minions in the SurrenderMedia. But whether the Dems grasp what is going on in Iraq or not is irrelevant.

Most Americans can think for themselves and will see and understand what is happening in Iraq, they don’t need the far left to explain reality to them. The liberal media has lost much of its ability to snow the general population in the last two decades. And the position of the far left are so divergent from the reality of Iraq that nuance and ‘framing’ ain’t going to cut it. Americans have doubts about Iraq, but they will cheer a turn around and eventual success. We do it everytime we have a prolonged battle and the requisite rough patches and dark periods that come with these battles.

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  1. dhunter says:

    Americans will come around unless the Democrats force us to surrender, withdrawl and leave our weapons behind for their allies AlQeada.

    Hows’ the FISA, NSA laws coming, the appropriatiosns bills? Seems surrender carries a higher priority than any of the nations business for the Dems. Oh, that and illegal allien, convicted felons voting rights

  2. gwood says:

    One of the as-yet-unappreciated benefits of quelling violence in Iraq will soon come to the fore. I am referring to the fact that pre-war estimates had Iraq crude oil reserves at roughly 5% of the world’s supply. Pre-war, their antiquated extraction tech was pumping at about 70% efficiency. My understanding is that the tech has now been upgraded, and the reduction in violence should enable the 30% increase in extraction to begin. This is no small event, and if it happens soon, couldn’t come at a better time.

    There has also been no exploration for new sources of oil in Iraq for over 30 years. Soon this effort can begin in earnest. From a purely dollars-and-cents standpoint, the Iraq war in the future could be seen as the cheapest war we ever fought, because the resulting downward pressure on world crude prices can mean billions to the US economy.

  3. Terrye says:


    I hope you are right.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:


    Couple of news updates for you

    About 3 weeks ago the oil pipeline between Iraq and Jordan was restarted since security on it is much improved with local citizen volunteers and give an alternate path if US/Iran relations lead to issues on ocean routes and the pipeline to Turkey is also up and running, but that one is coming under threat by the PKK.

    There have been preliminary explorations confirming potentially massive oil supplies in Anbar province, which is not surprising after all since it is adjacent to major oil fields in Iran.

    Iraq’s oil infrastructure is in major need of upgrades, since some of the wellhead are approaching 40 years of age and require excessive maintenance to just keep them pumping.

    Current production is near prewar levels but just by upgrading the well heads projections show at a minimum a 45% increase in output and potentially as high as 60%.

    Joint contracts are being negotiated with China and Japan as we speak and the sticking point is only percentage of revenue to be earned by Iraq.

    The Anbar discoveries have eased major roadblocks in the oil revenue sharing issue since it spreads the geographic parity between the oil revenue thus cutting back a lot from the arguments over the distribution formulas.

  5. Boghie says:


    anBar is not adjacent to Iran…

    But, that make the news that much better. If Iraq’s resources are more geographically diverse that is a very good thing!

    Now that we have more proof of the brilliance of government planning and execution of the economy it is time to push it here in America!!!