Nov 08 2007

The Second “Awakening” Is Coming To The Liberal Media

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As events in Iraq tear apart the fantasy world of the liberal media and congressional leaders – who see the world through stale, Vietnam-era eyes – we will see a “second awakening” as the liberal media faces up to reality. The first “awakening” was of course the wave of realization that washed through the Iraqi Muslim community that they did not have to tolerate the Islamo Fascists of al-Qaeda (and al-Qaeda like) forces which had come to Iraq promising a Holy Jihad, but only delivered a bloody massacre of Muslims. The repercussions of the first “awakening” are now just percolating through the Western Media as the wave of positive reports keep emanating from Iraq:

A combination of unceasing pressure by U.S. and Iraqi security forces and citizens’ anger at al Qaeda in Iraq’s brutal tactics have put the terror group “on the run,” a senior U.S. military officer said today.

“The surge in operations centered in Baghdad and the surrounding belts and up in the Diyala River Valley have driven much of al Qaeda into the rural areas and has caused them to flee northward,” Navy Rear Adm. Gregory J. Smith, a Multinational Force Iraq spokesman, told reporters at a Baghdad news conference.

The recently launched Operation Iron Hammer is designed to prevent fleeing al Qaeda operatives from re-establishing safe havens and networks, Smith said. Three U.S. brigade combat teams and three Iraqi army divisions are participating in the large-scale offensive, which stretches across four provinces in northern Iraq, he said.

Iraqi security forces are gaining in numbers and effectiveness and are increasingly taking the lead during anti-insurgent operations, Smith said. Iraqi commandos recently captured an entire group of terrorists during a raid west of Ramadi, he said. “The precision operation captured all four primary targets in this cell and four other suspects,” Smith reported.

More than 67,000 concerned Iraqi citizen-volunteers also are contributing in the fight against the terrorists, Smith said. In October, he said, troops from Multinational Division North found and cleared 72 weapons caches, 40 of which were discovered by concerned local citizens.

Iraqis ARE taking matters into their own hands and have identified their true enemy. While al-Qaeda has killed roughly 6500 Americans between 9-11 and the fighting in Iraq, they have also slaughtered 10 to 20 times this number of Iraqi Muslims. These atrocities had only one purpose: get as much violence and bloodshed into news headlines in America so the handwringers on the left could try and push defeat as a viable option to the American public. But America is going to be seeing wave after wave of contrary stories over the coming months, such as the news Iraqis are flooding back to their country in order to build their new future – without al-Qaeda:

Declining violence has prompted Iraqi refugees to pack up and return home, with the government on Wednesday claiming 46,030 people crossed back over the borders in October alone.

Brig. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, the Iraqi spokesman for a U.S.-Iraqi military push to pacify Baghdad, said border authorities recorded 46,030 people returning to Iraq in October and attributed the large number to the “improving security situation.”

“The level of terrorist operations has dropped in most of the capital’s neighborhoods, due to the good performance of the armed forces,” al-Moussawi told reporters in the heavily guarded Green Zone. Al-Moussawi did not give numbers of Iraqis returning home before October.

People are beginning to rightfully focus on the biased – and near propaganda style – reporting by liberal outlets. As things become calmer, people can look back with a critical eye and actually investigate the performance of the liberal news – especially since their predictions of endless death and destruction are now proving to be incredibly wrong. For example, people are noting the fact that nearly all the carnage in Iraq over the last two years is NOT at the hands of Americans, but were the acts of al-Qaeda butchers:

Unfortunately for IBC, major combat operations came to an end after a few months and the effort turned toward establishing a democratic government. Iraqis were no longer dying from war, but from the efforts of Islamic terrorists, who showed increasing disregard for the future of the country and the welfare of its citizens.

IBC had a decision to make. Would it count the victims of terror as victims of terror, or would it continue to call them “war” casualties of the original US-led operation when, in fact, Americans were spilling their own blood to protect Iraqis?

IBC decided to blame Americans for the very sectarian violence that their soldiers are trying to stop, in a shameful leap of logic that actually perpetuates the bloody cycle. Radical groups like al-Qaeda recruit young Muslims by convincing them that Iraqi civilians are under attack by the American forces in Iraq. It is this terror pipeline of suicide bombers and other architects of violence which (ironically enough) constitutes the only real threat to Iraqi security and self-reliance.

It is no coincidence that as Islamo Fascists have been routed and decimated by American forces supporting the Iraqi Awakening that the violence has dropped off. As Iraqis know it is Americans spilling their own blood in efforts to protect them from al-Qaeda’s bombs.

The parallels between Islamo Fascism and Nazi Fascism is stunning. Muslims were deluded into believing al-Qaeda would return their society to historic greatness, just like the Nazis promised the Germans. And just like in Germany, once in power the fascists oppressed and brutalized the people they claimed they would lift up. And like the Nazis of Germany, the people are more than happy to see the fascists killed and purged from their midst. The Muslim community is awakening to the lies of al-Qaeda. The only question is will the liberal media awaken from their delusional fantasies about America and Iraq? One thing is for sure, America will take notice of the changes in Iraq whether the far left figures it out or not.

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