Feb 14 2007

Houston Man Arrested As al Qaeda Traitor

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Another sign al Qaeda is going to come to America if we surrender Iraq came out today as a Houston man was arrested as another (thankfully still rare) instance of a US traitor:

A Texas man is being held in Houston on charges he trained with al Qaeda in Africa to overthrow the interim Somalian government, U.S. officials said on Tuesday.

Daniel Joseph Maldonado, 28, is a former Houston resident alleged to have gone to Africa in November 2005, then on to Somalia in December 2006 to join the Islamic Courts Union and elements of al Qaeda trying to install an Islamic government there, U.S. Attorney Don DeGabrielle said in a statement.

Maldonado, also known as Daniel Aljughaifi, was captured by the Kenyan military as he tried to flee Ethiopian and Somalian forces on January 21, DeGabrielle said.

He was turned over to U.S. officials this weekend, flown back to Houston and on Tuesday went before U.S. Magistrate Calvin Botley, who ordered him held without bail until a February 20 detention hearing.

“This case represents the first criminal prosecution of an American suspected of joining forces with Islamic extremist fighters in Somalia,” said U.S. Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein in the same statement.

It “serves as a warning to others who would travel overseas to wage violent jihad,” he said.

And when he returned to America, does anyone think he would settle down and return to being a good citizen of the “Evil Satan”? More here”.

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  1. lassoingtruth says:

    Was this man born in America or is he an example of what would have been remedied by Buchanan-styled immigration policy?

    Then again,no matter. If he is interviewed and says the blood shed
    in Iraq allowed due to a botched and uncalled for US attack on Iraq
    was a motivation for his actions… Strata will still defend the war and say if we LEAVE Iraq more Maldonado’s will join the jihad.

  2. dennisa says:

    The war in Iraq was this man’s motivation for going to Somalia and joining the Islamic Courts Union?

  3. dennisa says:

    He joined the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia because of the war in Iraq?

  4. Soothsayer says:

    Is this Maldonado dude entitled to the same presumption of innocence as, say, I. Lewis Libby is? Is this just another evil Justice Department cabal trying to smear an honorable American?

    Its so hard to tell when you guys want to change the rules depending upon whether you like the guy or not.

  5. lassoingtruth says:

    Dennis A

    It is my understanding that often you go where you are sent
    when you join elements of the “jihad,” but Al Qaeda is
    structured, apparently, in a more diffused manner than
    formerly. So American actions in Iraq, yes ,could result
    in jihad activity’s occasion elsewhere.

  6. dennisa says:

    “Is this Maldonado dude entitled to the same presumption of innocence as, say, I. Lewis Libby is? ”

    If he is, I feel sorry for him, because you’ve been saying Libby is guilty for weeks.

  7. ivehadit says:

    When, oh, when are you going to realise that this round of the jihad has been going on for over thirty years?

    Geeze. Common sense-is there any left in this country?

    The Islamofascists want ALL of us dead. They don’t want our land. They don’t want our military. They don’t want our resources. They don’t want our money. They just want us ALL dead.

    What’s there not to understand about this?

    And what’s there not to understand that many living in this country claiming to be “patriots” …agree with them.

    Sick, ugly, nasty people…who have no life… or happiness.

  8. Soothsayer says:

    The Islamofascists want ALL of us dead.

    Back that statement up. If you chose to learn anything about the issue, you might find that what they want is US troops off of Islamic soil. While there can be no offensive jihad absent the establishment of a caliphate; according to many Islamic authorities, all Muslims are called upon to participate in defensive jihad, the trigger of which is infidel troops on Islamic soil.

    Let’s see – where in the world are Islamic troops stationed in non-Islamic countries. I count . . . zero.

    Where in the world are infidel troops stationed on Islamic soil?

    Afghanistan. Uzbekistan. Turkey. Saudi Arabia. Kuwait. Iraq. Probably special ops in Iran. Not to mention some former Soviet republics. And then there is the issue of Israel and the West Bank, the settlements and Golan Heights.

    If you’d like to learn something about it – read Imperial Hubris by Michael Scheuer, a 22-year CIA veteran who ran the Counterterrorist Center’s bin Laden station from 1996 to 1999.

  9. AJStrata says:


    “Islamic Troops” were in the US on 9-11. They were in London blowing up trains and planning to bomb numerous airliners. They were in Madrid and Bali.

    And they attacked our allies in Jordan and Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

    The Islamo Fascists are everywhere plotting to kill. The fact you are so obsessed with BDS you cannot see it only illustrates why liberals are history in this country. Enjoy these last two years of Congressional power. The Jihadists will be reminding you over and over again why liberalism is a dead concept.

  10. Soothsayer says:


    It is true that Islamofascists – much like Strata-Spherista fascists – and Christian fundamentalist fascists – all hate the same liberal concepts:

    they hate science and evolution
    they hate and subjugate women
    they hate and persecute gays and minorities

    Birds of a feather, dude.

    By the way, care to bet on whether the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate increase or decrease in ’08?? The American people have moved on – and the Right is now Left Behind.

  11. lassoingtruth says:

    ““Islamic Troops” were in the US on 9-11. They were in London blowing up trains and planning to bomb numerous airliners. They were in Madrid and Bali.

    And they attacked our allies in Jordan and Egypt and Saudi Arabia.”

    None of this does anything but prove the non-interventionist
    case, Strata. The London attackers blamed Blair’s poodling to
    Bush for their actions–and they were present in the first place
    as a result of Empire (British) liberal immigration policies,
    objecto to by the marginalized Enoch Powell and now by the
    BNP, a growing group of US “Buchananites.”

    Why do we have “allies in Jordan and Egypt and Saudi Arabia?”
    Friends, okay, but your Empire needs the “allies.” And a
    big branch of the House of Saud “allies” fund Al Qaeda. Empire
    gets so confusing, eh AJ?

  12. lassoingtruth says:

    correction-should read BNP “growing group of UK “Buchananites.”