Apr 24 2006

Knoxville Throws A Hero’s Welcome

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Take note America, Knoxville Tennessee demonstrated how to welcome home our militay men and women in grand fasion.  20,000 people came out to a welcome home parade!

Up to 20,000 people turned out Saturday for a parade to welcome home the National Guard’s 278th Regimental Combat Team, providing a big-city atmosphere powered by small-town values.

The rains that had been pelting the region ceased and the clouds gave way to bright sunshine for the two-hour Celebrate Freedom Parade 2006 through downtown Knoxville.

Seems even the heavens had decided it was best to not rain on this parade.  Hat tip to Rick Moran, who compares this celebration to Cindy Sheehan’s paltry dozen-man march on DC.  I prefer to compare it to the immature, hate filled actions from the far leftwing base of the Democrat party (here and here).  Some people have no perspective or respect for their fellow Americans.  For them it is civil war 24×7.

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