Apr 17 2006

Taliban Fight Back In Pakistan Tribal Areas

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The Global War On Terror is focused on the norther western regions of Pakistan, across the border from where Coalition forces are executing a major offensive on Taliban strongholds. As any corner animal will do, the Taliban are attempting to strike back:

Taliban forces have so far killed 150 pro-government tribal Maliks in the North and South Waziristan Agencies and are openly challenging the writ of the government by engaging a number of security forces’ personnel in the area, the federal cabinet was told on Wednesday, sources told Daily Times.

Briefing the cabinet on the law and order situation in FATA, Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao told the cabinet that the presence of the Taliban in FATA was a threat to national security and Pakistan’s economic development. “Religious extremism, militancy and terrorism are continuously undermining Pakistan’s image in the international community” he was as quoted saying.

Don’t expect any reporting from the US news media. Success in the Global War On Terror is not ‘news’ to the liberal, antique media.  On this next story we see something interesting:

Police arrested four Afghans on the Indus Highway on Monday for suspicion of having links with Taliban militants, security officials said.

“They are suspected of having links to the Taliban. We are investigating their links,” the officials said on condition of anonymity. The four were arrested 15 kilometres south of Peshawar on the Indus Highway, the officials said.

The suspects were armed with grenades and Kalashnikovs, but could not use them “due to the swift action by police commandos of the CID (Crimes Investigation Department),” witnesses said.

Around two dozen police commandos surrounded a white car carrying the four after they refused to heed a police signal to stop, the witnesses said. “They (police) broke the tinted glass of the car as the men had locked themselves inside.” Two of the arrested suspects were wearing burqas (veil), the witnesses said.

Online adds: Ten armed men arrested near the Afghan border at Chaman three days ago have been handed over to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The ten men, residents of Dera Islmail Khan, Tank and Kullachi, were arrested in possession of heavy weapons and ammunition.

Yes, the world struggles on while the media has suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome.

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