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Nov 26 2005

Wilson, Gabon and Yellow Cake Uranium

One of our readers has found some truly interesting news that could explain Wilson’s first trip to Niger for his wife Valerie in 1999. We posted on Wilson and his trip in 1999 here, and how it was just after a coupe d’etat in Niger and was a ‘business’ trip to the region for his […]

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Nov 26 2005

Terror On The Run In US & World

There has been a flood of progress in prosecuting terrorists in the US recently. A local teen was convicted from my home area in Northern Virginia for joining Al Qaeda and plotting to kill the President. Also recently Jose Padilla was indicted on charges that leave our intelligence assets and methods classified and out of […]

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Nov 26 2005

Imminent Threat Of Success In Iraq

Before every major milestone event in Iraq the left comes screaming out of their fevered swamps calling for surrender in Iraq before it is too late. of course, what they fail to mention is they want us to surrender before their reputations for incredibly poor judgment becomes a permanent feature in history. We posted on […]

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Nov 26 2005

Spring Time in Prague With Iraqis, Opportunities Lost

In attempt to delay the massive leaf raking I must face every year after Thanksgiving, I have been researching diligently (over my morning coffee) some Able Danger and ‘Atta in Prague’ updates, something we posted recently on here. Fair warning – this sucker is one long post. Or are they may be accurately called ‘predates’. […]

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