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Nov 10 2005

Zarqawi-MSM Help Bush

Interestingly enough, the continued calls for our surrender in Iraq by the liberal media here and in the West can easily be interpreted by all as the last key element of hope driving Al Qaeda’s resident butcher Al Zarqawi. In his desparate hope to stoke more western media consternation and fear and calls for surrender, […]

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Nov 10 2005

1 Million Sold By Commissar

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A hearty congrats to Commissar at Politboro Diktat for reaching one million visitors in two years of blogging!

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Nov 10 2005

Able Danger: Pentagon For Real?

Updates below – keep coming back and checking the end for new information I’m back! Weldon’s timing is horrific – as usual. The same day the oil execs are testifying he schedules a news conference. No way the media-previously-known-as-mainstream is going to pre-empt big oil on the witness stand (so to speak). There has been […]

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