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Nov 16 2005

Dems – You’ve Been Cheneyed

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What is great about being Vice President is you can be blunt, forceful and caustic and get away with it – because that is your job! From Lorie Byrd at Michelle Malkins The President and I cannot prevent certain politicians from losing their memory, or their backbone – but we’re not going to sit by […]

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Nov 16 2005

Are We Safer Now?

This is a stunning number: 83,000. That is the number of terrorists the US has detained in the war on terror (and now in not-so-secret CIA interrogation camps across the globe – thanks Washington Post and your rogue CIA agent pals). The United States has detained more than 83,000 foreigners in the four years of […]

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Nov 16 2005

Plame Woodward

UPDATE III: Check out Jack Shafer’s take at Slate, some great questions: (Hat Tip Real Clear Politics): But first a digression: What sort of journalist publishes a “statement” in his paper as opposed to writing a story? What sort of journalist refuses to talk to his own newspaper when making such a revelation, as Woodward […]

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