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Nov 20 2005

Fitzmas Makes Its Mark!

OK, that is one pun laden post title – as you will see in a second. Jack Kelly was discussing the Woodward Fitzmas bringing coal in the stockings, and mentioned a dear blog friend Mark Coffey! But what really makes Mr. Woodward, in the delicious phrase of Web logger Mark Coffey, “the Grinch who stole […]

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Nov 20 2005

How Not To Do Democracy

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Egypt is illustrating how not to do democracy (as opposed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebenanon): DAMANHUR, Egypt Nov 20, 2005 — Widespread violence marred the second round of Egypt’s parliamentary vote Sunday as opposition supporters and police clashed with knives, metal chains and Molotov cocktails, officials said. At least one person was killed and scores […]

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Nov 20 2005

What Is Sharon Thinking?

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Ariel Sharon has announced he is leaving the Likud party which he has been a part of for decades and is striking out to start a new party. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will quit his ruling Likud party to run separately in national elections and will ask Israel’s president to dissolve parliament for a snap […]

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Nov 20 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council has selected the best posts for this week and here are the results. First place in the Council Category went to Let’s Discuss Bush Derangement Syndrome Again by Dr. Sanity. There was a second place tie between Questioning Their Patriotism by The Glittering Eye and The Untouched Hot Potato by Gates of […]

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Nov 20 2005

Al Zarqawi Meets God?

UPDATE III: This update comes from the Counterterrorism Blog and provides good news irregardless of whether Zarqawi was among the AQ recently killed in Iraq. It also has a major dousing of cold water in it. Despite recent reports to the contrary, Al-Qaida’s Committee in Iraq has suffered numerous casualties during recent combat operations in […]

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Nov 20 2005

Joe Wilson, Congenital Liar, Blew CIA Operation

Mac Ranger teases us some more with his still pending analysis of the Niger/Africa uranium trade, the Wilson trips to Niger, and the forgery scam clumsily used to try and win Joe Wilson a seat on the Kerry campaign. I have posted on this same theory here (with links to other posts) and continue to […]

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