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Nov 06 2005

Human Worth

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Captain Ed poinst to Dafydd at Big Lizards who has a quote from a liberal extremist, under oath no less, regarding the worth of humand and animal life (via this Robert Novak article): Dr. Jerry Vlasak of North American Animal Liberation was quoted as saying at an animal rights convention: “I don’t think you’d have […]

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Nov 06 2005

Chilled To The Bone

I think the Coalition of the Chillin’ is about to be completely and permanently vindicated. The Commissar has the lowdown on Joe Biden’s prediction there is not sufficient support to pull off a filibuster over Alito. Here is some of Biden’s comments on Meet The Press today: A key Democrat said on Sunday that he […]

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Nov 06 2005

Wilson’s Green Problem

UPDATE IV: Folks, as many have noted the Hanson rumor has been squashed by Hanson. Just an FYI for folks dropping by here. UPDATE III: Live blogged comments of Vallely on Hannity 11/07/05 PM UPDATE II: Turns out Lt. General Tom McInerney, USAF, who also a FOX News analyst, will join Paul Vallely in claiming […]

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Nov 06 2005

Joe Wilson Panics

As the growing list of people who knew Valerie’s CIA employment before the Novak article grows (NY Times [Kristof, Shipely], Washington Post [Pincus, Leiby], NBC {Russert, Mitchell], Time [Cooper], Knight Ridder, the Kerry 2004 campaign. John Gibson and General and Mrs. Vallely) Wilson realizes the only thing holding the press back from turning on him […]

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