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Nov 07 2005

Gen Paul Vallely On Hannity

Some Live Blogging: Vallely begins by questioning why so many people were not brought in under oath by Fitzgerald. He and Hannity both note that Andrea Mitchell and others had noted Wilson comments about his “CIA wife’. Vallely says Wilson only once mentioned his wife ‘at the agency’ – which Vallely notes is how we […]

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Nov 07 2005

Kilgore For Governor

In case anyone has any doubts, Kilgore should be your pick for Governore of Virginia tomorrow. All you need to know about Kaine (and Warner) is to them a massive surplus is something you hide from the people so you can ram through the largest tax increase in history while telling the lie the state […]

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Nov 07 2005

Plame Game Update, 11/07/05

Updates at the bottom, scroll onward! I was pleasantly surprised this morning when World Net Daily linked to my expanding compendium of people who knew Valerie Wilson, wife of Joe, worked at the CIA. The Fitzgerald-CIA-LeftwingMedia attempt to politically damage the WH is crumbling fast. And the American public hates being lied to about these […]

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Nov 07 2005

What If Able Danger?

The stunning news that a Chinese intelligence outfit has been rolled up in Los Angeles, and which operated there for 15 years! Four persons arrested in Los Angeles are part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering ring, federal investigators said, and the suspects caused serious compromises for 15 years to major U.S. weapons systems, including submarines and […]

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Nov 07 2005

RINO Sighting

Those rampaging RINOs have been sited making trouble around Tinkerty Tonk’s this week. Go check them out and see what all the ruckus is about!

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Nov 07 2005

One Hundred Thousand!

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On May 18th, 2005 we launched The Strata-Sphere. As luck would have it we fell into the best blog company you could possibly imagine when we joined The Coalition of The Chillin’ (see blog role at right). I could spend a post on each and every blogger in the Coalition for I have come to […]

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