Nov 26 2005

Terror On The Run In US & World

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There has been a flood of progress in prosecuting terrorists in the US recently. A local teen was convicted from my home area in Northern Virginia for joining Al Qaeda and plotting to kill the President. Also recently Jose Padilla was indicted on charges that leave our intelligence assets and methods classified and out of court.

There have been indictments in Los Angeles on arms trafficking and the Lodi cell which was rolled up earlier this year.

Yesterday the heartland of the US has seen the arrest of another terrorist sympathizer, as reported by Debbie Schlussel:

Just after 9/11, I appeared on FOX News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor” to discuss imam Fawaz Abu Damra, chief cleric of the Cleveland Mosque, and read his surveilled statements supporting terrorism and the elimination of Christians and Jews at his mosque. The occasion was a fundraiser he did with Islamic Jihad chief Sami Al-Arian (whose jury is still deliberating in Tampa), in which he openly stated that Al-Arian was in charge of armed operations for Islamic Jihad, to which the funds would go. I had written extensively on the topic

A friend told me that “Friday is going to be a great day.” And he was right. Today, Abu Damra was re-arrested and charged with lying about his connections to terrorist groups, so he can be deported.

Great day indeed. My most recent post is on how close we are to winning in Iraq. But across the world progress is being made against the Jihadists.

Terrorists are being captured/indicted or found guilty in Spain, in Bosnia, in Australia, in Ireland and in England. A terrorist network is being tracked down in Belgium.

There are widening charges of compliance governmental compliance with terrorism in Bangladesh while King Abdullah of Jordan declares war on terrorist.

Why is the liberal media silent on these promising news stories that are pretty much from this week, if not this month? Maybe they are trying to lull the terrorists into a false sense of security.


Right on queue the liberal establishments come out and try and claim all this activity rolling up terrorists is not a sign of progress! From DJ Drummond at Polipundit:

The Wall Street Journal has an article questioning the “success against Terrorism”, based on an upcoming report from the Congressional Research Service.

A key passage in the article reads, “The report says measures such as the number of terrorist incidents per year and the number of terrorists killed or captured are inadequate. Instead, it urges the use of broader social indicators, like the ability of terrorists to recruit.”

This is another example of impractical thought taking the place of experience and examination of the facts.

Read the whole thing. The left is truly in deep, deep, deep denial.


Mark Coffey at Decision 08 has a great post on what is driving the leftward fringes. The post discussesd an insightful article by Fareed Zakaria:

Panic Is Not The Solution

Many Democrats are understandably enraged over Iraq. But in responding in equally partisan fashion, they could well precipitate a tragedy.

Dec. 5, 2005 issue – The rising clamor in Washington to get out of Iraq may be right or may be wrong, but one thing is certain: its timing has little to do with events in that country. Iraq today is no worse off than it was three months ago, or a year ago. Nor has there been a sudden spike in the numbers of American troops being killed. In fact, in some ways things have improved recently. What’s driving this debate, however, are events in America. President Bush’s approval rating has plummeted, battered by Iraq but also by Hurricane Katrina. The Democrats, sensing weakness, are trying to draw blood. But the result is a debate that is oddly timed.

Yep, it is all about self serving desires for political power. Democrats want Congressional chairmanships and they are willing to dump the people of Iraq to get their prize. Disgusting.

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  1. mary mapes says:

    Talking about the six-degrees of separation ( your hometown fellow) my young son is at this moment at his best buds and the best bud’s grandfather was BORN in the home these guys in Lodi live in.

    Just a strange reminder that bad guys can be your next door neighbor, I guess.

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving AJ…sounds like you and your family had a hoot of a time.

  2. Observer says:

    Indeed a good sign. I’ll even believe it IF anyone actually gets deported or jailed (after conviction, not merely thrown in the black hole where you have no rights).