Mar 07 2017

Fake News Misleads On Obama Surveillance Of Trump


Major Update: When crafting this long post I neglected to add one more bit of evidence that ties all these actions to the Obama White House (from The Guardian):

The White House is aware of phone calls between retired lieutenant-general Michael Flynn and ambassador Sergey Kislyak, a senior US official told the Associated Press.

It is not clear how the current administration learned of the contacts, although the AP noted that US monitoring of Russian officials’ communication within America is known to be common.

Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak reportedly included several calls on 29 December

This article is dated Jan 13, 2017. So this is clearly the Obama White House. And since it is a communications intercept from the NSA, it is clear the Obama White House was aware of the surveillance.  Also note that the US Person is named and then leaked. Unless someone wants to retract this story and its sources, we have clear evidence of the Obama White House monitoring a Trump campaign member – end update

#Obamagate (the use of our nation’s intelligence apparatus by the Obama administration to surveillance then Presidential Candidate Trump and his associates) is exploding.  The denizens of the Political Industrial Complex* (PIC) have overplayed their hand in an attempt to create a fictional crisis surrounding now-President Trump. In the process, they exposed a series of truly high crimes.

The resulting legal and political blow back from #Obamagate has the Fake News Media (the propaganda arm of the PIC) actually trying to refute their own prior reporting of facts and sources. This level of unprecedented retreat indicates how seriously exposed the media is, along with current and former high-level officials in the intelligence community, Obama administration, Obama Dept of Justice and even Congress (the most likely source for leaks of this kind).

I want to remove a lot of the misleading and false statements that have arisen in this recent panic-fed retreat. Bring some clarity to the discussion.

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Mar 05 2017

Obama Administration Looks To Be In Very Serious Legal Trouble


There is a lot of breaking news this weekend as the nation learns that a sitting President (Obama) looks to have used the nation’s national security apparatus – which is empowered to protect this nation from foreign enemies and threats – for crass political gain (read “personal gain”).  If this is even partially true, this would be Watergate on steroids and irreparably tarnish the Obama administration for all history.

These high stakes may also explain the irrational fear and hate by the democrat leadership we have seen in their scorched-Earth actions since the election.  Events may be unraveling on them big time, events that started last summer in a very different world.

Let’s begin by setting down a hard and fast rule to blunt the coming weasel words from team Obama. The President runs his administration. The President’s cabinet has some individual authority, but they confirm with the Commander-in-Chief anything that could erupt back on them either legally or politically. No cabinet member – especially the Attorney General – would run near or across legal or ethical lines without concurrence (i.e., cover from) the top person.

To say Obama did not “order” the “wire tap” against the Trump campaign is as ridiculous as it sounds. Note: Trump used figurative parentheses when he tweeted “wire tap”, so read that as meaning “surveillance” legally.

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Jan 30 2017

FoxNews Panel Demonstrates Inside Beltway Niavete

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Bret Baier’s panel tonight was a laughing stock of inside-the-beltway babble  regarding the immigration ban put in place this weekend. The ignorance shined through in the idea presented by all of them that if President Trump only coordinated with more people (and more sources of Fake News leaks) there would not have been a heated backlash to the ban

Really? You four really think the Soros backed and coordinated protests would not have made the Fake News headlines if Trump talked to more DC bureaucrats?

OMG – can we find some panel members who actually have a worthy thought?

Bret – get some higher wattage thinkers who are not mentally limited by the elitists view on how things MUST be done in DC. Get folks from outside DC and NY.  Otherwise

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, my viewership will shift as much as my preference in coffee has.

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Jan 25 2017

Trump Plays Media: Answers Their Call For Proof Of Vote Fraud


I don’t think the Fake News Media or the Liberal Democrats are EVER going to learn not to be played by Trump.

The best example in the last 24 hours was how Team Trump made the claim –  without any hard  evidence – that Trump would have won the popular vote if not for illegal aliens voting, a.k.a Vote Fraud.  The Fake News Media pounced on this and challenged the administration on why, if there was this much fraud, there was no investigation.  See the hook being set below at around 1:24 (H/T Hot Air):



And of course

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, this opened the doors for what President Trump probably wanted in the first place – an in depth investigation into typical Democrat shenanigans during our elections.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he will launch a ‘major’ investigation to look into voter fraud in the country.

“I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and….even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time),” the president tweeted Wednesday morning.

“Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!”

Mischief Managed!

Now the Fake News Media cannot caterwaul about Trump limiting voter access (strengthening voting procedures) due to the findings of an investigation they called for! The denizens of the Political Industrial Complex are sloths compared to Team Trump.

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Jan 22 2017

Trump Executive Order #1: FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums


The first Trump Executive Order (EO) seems to be all about nothing. Even some of “Fake News” media has had a tough time blowing this one out of proportion. But of course some leftwing rags were in full angst mode (do they have any other?). But universally the “media” did not tell the whole story either.

Let’s begin with a Drama Queen from the left – Mother Jones:

Trump’s First Move as President: Screwing Over Homeowners

The administrative order will end Obama’s efforts to cut premiums on FHA-insured home loans.

resident Barack Obama issued an executive action requiring the Federal Housing Administration to decrease insurance premiums on FHA mortgages

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, a change that could have potentially saved low-income homeowners as much as $900 per year.

Emphasis mine at the end.

Let’s be clear, this change was directed towards a small minority of home purchasers: low-income, first time buyers. It sounds innocuous, but as we will discover this rate reduction is an echo of those risky policies that brought on the subprime mortgage disaster in the late 2000’s, which wiped out the wealth of ten’s of millions of Americans.

Why would anyone risk a repeat of that debacle? Is this all just for Political PR?

But for now, just admire the “potentially” (supposed) savings to homeowners – $900/year. That comes to $75/month. Keep that in mind.

USA Today actually had a more reasonable, if still one-sided, take on President Trump’s first EO.

In the first hour of Trump’s presidency, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sent a letter to lenders, real estate brokers and closing agents suspending the 0.25 percentage point premium rate cut for Federal Housing Administration-backed loans. The new rates, announced on Jan. 9, would have gone into effect on Friday.

The action will affect millions of homeowners with an FHA-backed mortgage. FHA backs about 16% of the country’s new mortgages [AJStrata: remember, this EO only effected a fraction of FHA loans].

That cut would have saved home buyers about $29 a month on a $200,000 mortgage. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, said the cut equaled an average of $500 per year.

Still “Fake News” due to implying that this applied to all FHA loans equally.

One bright spot here is the $29 a month savings for these few potential homeowners. That is a more realistic number (confirmed below). However, poor Sen Chuck Schumer is unable to do basic multiplication – or is deliberately exaggerating the numbers as did Mother Jones. For those who struggle with math like poor Chuck, his $500/yr number translates to $33.33. What is 4 dollars per month? Nothing on and individual basis.

But when you sum this plan over millions of potentially struggling home buyers – the very target of this Obama EO – then this could result in a shift of many millions of dollars. Here is a more balanced reporting from January 7, 2017. It explains a lot more about this topic:

The Obama Administration is directing, via executive action, the Federal Housing Administration to reduce annual mortgage insurance premiums by 50 basis points, from 1.35% to 0.85%.

The White House statement says that the typical first-time homebuyer, this reduction will translate into a $900 reduction in their annual mortgage payment.

Well, at least we know were the inflated numbers came from. Was this a simple change? Not according to Congress:

While the White House says that the new premium level is fully consistent with the FHA’s commitment to continue strengthening its financial health through growing reserves, the Republicans in Congress have reservations that the Congressionally-mandated reserves are well funded.

Further, the action is certain to receive pushback in the new Republican-controlled Congress, which has to approve the cut

“We do not have an estimate of how long it might take Congress to approve such a change, and we would estimate the probabilities at 50/50 of it occurring.

So it was going to die anyway – BFD. But the risk was partially exposed – the mandated FHA reserves required to avoid another subprime meltdown in the real estate market.

Was this really going to add new first time home buyers? No

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, most of this was PR:

Sterne Agee analyst Jay McCanless says that while many in the industry would welcome the cut, it won’t have as big an impact on housing as many expect.

“Such a change would be marginally beneficial for the average borrower, in our opinion, and consequently, we do not believe this news, if it proves true, is a catalyst for higher housing demand and higher earnings estimates,” McCanless says. “We Estimate the Riskiest Mortgage Borrowers Would Save about $25/month on their Mortgage Payment with Smaller Savings for More Creditworthy Borrowers.

“This savings will pull some marginal borrowers into homeownership, but it isn’t enough, in our view, to assume single family housing demand increases above our current assumption of 15.0% single family starts growth in 2015,” McCanless says.

Clearly this would not have the effect on bringing in new home buyers as touted by the liberal media. There would be very little change across the board. But if this is all neutral why not try it?

Now for the down side – does this risk another subprime collapse?

On Nov. 17, the FHA released its actuarial report on the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund for single-family programs, and while the health of the regulating agency improved, it still has a way to go with its finances.

The FHA boasted a $21 billion improvement since late 2012, after implementing a series of financing changes. The MMI Fund, which handles single-family programs, gained almost $6 billion in value in the past 12 months, printing now at $4.8 billion. Last year it fell short by more than $1.3 billion.

Given that the FHA’s flagship fund – the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund  – is expected to remain below the Congressionally-mandated 2.0% threshold until October 2016, a decision to lower FHA premiums in 2015 would undoubtedly be met by considerable opposition from Congressional Republicans,” said Isaac Boltansky, analyst with Compass Point Research & Trading.

“Specifically, we believe that House Financial Services Chair (Jeb) Hensarling, R-Texas, and likely Senate Banking Committee Chair (Richard) Shelby, R-Ala., would publicly and aggressively attack a move to lower FHA premiums in advance of the MMIF clearing the 2.0% threshold,” Boltansky said in November.

Note: I am aware the dates don’t make sense here. They seem to be off (the highlighted 2015 should be 2017), but the overall point is valid. Until the FHA has demonstrated sufficient reserves to back these shaky new subprime homeowners, we should not be reducing the money that flows into the insurance reserves (i.e., mortgage insurance premiums) on some PR gimmick. In fact, given this EO did effect all mortgage insurance premiums to a much lesser degree, it would seem all the FHA would do is undo all their efforts to rebuild their reserves by reducing the premiums this dramatically.

Was the departing Obama regime leaving an economic poison pill they believed the incoming Trump administration would not discover before the financial damage was done? Why the last minute Obama EO given the clear and obvious resistance in Congress?

There is a reason this was number 1 on the Trump EO list. And it would seem they may have found one of many Trojan Horses left by a very frenetic Obama team. Don’t ignore this one as a big nothing burger. I doubt Team Trump would see this as the number one EO in a long list of EOs to com



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Jan 20 2017

Trump Is Change We Can Believe In

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I was stunned when President Trump stated clearly and unequivocally that this transfer of power was from DC to the Nation.

What a powerful speech to give in the belly of the beast. Among all those politicians who did well why the country suffered. This is beyond my wildest dreams. More great lines [paraphrasing].

Trump confirmed our many concerns were reasonable and righteous!

This American carnage stops here and now.

His oath is to all Americans. We have enriched foreign industry at the cost of our industry. We have defended foreign borders while not defending ours. We have made other countries rich while our country’s wealth dissipated. That is the past.

He was serious. He is serious!

Because he is not a politician he is not mincing words or watering it down. He is rushing full speed ahead on everything he promised. I would never had even hoped for this kind of Inaugural Speech.  Our new President

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, Our New America – bring it on!


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Jan 20 2017

Today’s Real News: Executive Orders

Published by under The Trump Presidency

I know what I am going to be doing this weekend and for weeks to come: reviewing the slew of Executive Orders (EOs) President Trump will be initiating to roll back and redirect the Federal Government. These Trump EOs will undo years of EOs under former President Obama.

These EOs will be the first, the most transparent, sign of where Trump is heading. These initial EOs will point the direction Trump plans to head.

Moreover, these EOs will not be filtered through –  watered down – by the GOP Establishment in Congress. Which is why I intend to invest a lot of time dissecting them and their potential impact on our runaway federal government.

There are a lot of good programs sprinkled throughout the mess that is the federal bureaucracy. I would wager about 65% of the goals or intentions are solid

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, but maybe only 35% of the implementations are worth pursuing (mostly due to parallel stove-pipe programs which undo each other instead of working in a synergistic manner). That means a lot of upheaval, but also a lot of potential savings and efficiencies.

With the Political Industrial Complex screaming all the way. They will complain something is being eliminated when in fact it may be just a merging of failed programs into a direction which will work more efficiently. Be ready – this will the the Fake News MO for our indefinite future.

Here is the first teaser, with some actual information coming out later today:

Conway said the president-elect will “take a couple of executive actions” Friday, and then by Monday she predicted “you’ll see him rolling back some of the job killing regulations” that he considers to be “unconstitutional measures.”

When asked whether that would include environmental regulations

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, Conway said “possibly, yes.”

“He’s got a five or six-point plan in short order,” Conway said of Mr. Trump’s first few weeks in office. “Repealing and replacing Obamacare, regulatory reviews, tax reform…we’re looking for cooperation across the aisle.”

Honestly, I cannot wait until the EOs start flying!

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Jan 20 2017

Democrats/”Fake News” Just Extended Their Time In The Political Wilderness

The Democrats and the Fake News Media need to comprehend what a nation sees when it wakes up on Inauguration Day and is faced with this kind of picture and news. Americans go to an Inaugural ball (The Deploraball) and this is the price they pay?

The only conclusion to draw is that the left is not mature enough , not responsible enough, to join civil society. They must continue their timeout in the Political Wilderness until they demosntrare they are ready.

For all their cries of Fascists, Nazis and Hate, I guess they need to get themselves to a mirror to see what that really looks like.

If America ever needed evidence we made the right choice last November, and that we are stepping onto the right path today, we need go no further than look at what the opposition has to offer as a counter argument. Violence.

At this rate, we can assume the Democrats will lose big in 2018 and Trump – if he wants it – will win a second term in 2020. Because – let’s be honest here – who wants more of this crap? Who is pathetic enough to actually vote for it?

Update: Ed Morissey and I come to the same conclusion (no surprise there):

Just how long will this tantrum last? Right now it looks like it will last every day for the next four years, and that will almost inevitably produce a second term for Donald Trump. Masks are slipping over the last few weeks, and regardless of one’s misgivings about Trump himself

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, the Left is demonstrating that the alternative was much, much worse.

This is how the lefties react to We The People changing the course of our country. No going back now.

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Jan 19 2017

Trump Shatters Inauguration Fundraising Record

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Haven’t seen this bit of news from the “Fake News” Media, probably because it does not play nicely with their obstructionist bias:

And it’s not even close.

In fact, Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee has raised over $100 million in private donations

The Medicare raises that

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, according to numbers from the Congressional Research Service, the Federal Election Commission, and the Associated Press.

This is nearly double President Obama’s previous records of $55 million in 2009 and $43 million in 2013.

If Trump outperforms Obama like this during his first 4 years, the Liberal Democrat Party will need a lot more safeplaces for the snowflakes run come inauguration day, 2021.

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Jan 19 2017

Now Elites Get To Sacrifice Their Jobs For America


Losing your job, your livelihood – your career! – can be devastating. And the later in life it happens the more devastating it is because you cannot just start another career.

A career is more than a job. It is what you spent your early years achieving and your middle years honing. It is your life – if you are lucky. In many families, it is passed from generation to generation as a badge of familial honor.

For decades, the political elite have sacrificed the careers of millions of Les Deplorables to line their pockets at the alter of (or the excuse for) “globalism”. Until 2016 – when Les Deplorables pushed back and basically said “we aren’t going to take it anymore, now it is your time for sacrifice”.

Apparently, Donald J Tump is planning on delivering on this message to the Elites.

The changes they propose are dramatic.

The departments of Commerce and Energy would see major reductions in funding, with programs under their jurisdiction either being eliminated or transferred to other agencies. The departments of Transportation, Justice and State would see significant cuts and program eliminations.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.

Overall, the blueprint being used by Trump’s team would reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years.

This post is to give the Political Industrial Complex (*PIC) and all its Bureaucratic Sycophants a heads up.  If you think having the “Fake News” Media run sob-stories on the impact of these cuts on the PIC will elicit sympathy , you missed the entire point of the last few decades and the 2016 election upheaval. Main Street America has been suffering career losses and their devastation over the last few decades. They did their bit for King and Country.

Now it is your turn PIC. Think of it as a badge of honor, a sacrifice to make up for all those failed policies and false promises. Actions have consequences.

There will be the same level of sympathy from Main Street as you showed Main Street.  Maybe we can set up retraining programs for those whose wealth is insufficient to live out their lives in gross and lavish fashion (think of all those millionaires and billionaires suffering – Oh the Humanity!).

More here at HotAir:

A list of items on the chopping block has leaked out this week and it’s far more than lip service. Assuming that these are the final plans, you’re going to see heads exploding in the big government cheerleading sector and a chorus of cheers coming from small government conservatives.

I’ll toast to that. And yes, my job is one of those which could be impacted. So this will not be theoretical or abstract for me or the people I know. But it is necessary for this nation.


(link to graphic source)

*  The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media

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, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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