Jan 20 2017

Trump Is Change We Can Believe In

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I was stunned when President Trump stated clearly and unequivocally that this transfer of power was from DC to the Nation.

What a powerful speech to give in the belly of the beast. Among all those politicians who did well why the country suffered. This is beyond my wildest dreams. More great lines [paraphrasing].

Trump confirmed our many concerns were reasonable and righteous!

This American carnage stops here and now.

His oath is to all Americans. We have enriched foreign industry at the cost of our industry. We have defended foreign borders while not defending ours. We have made other countries rich while our country’s wealth dissipated. That is the past.

He was serious. He is serious!

Because he is not a politician he is not mincing words or watering it down. He is rushing full speed ahead on everything he promised. I would never had even hoped for this kind of Inaugural Speech.  Our new President

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, Our New America – bring it on!


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  1. kathie says:

    I must admit I was astonished. I am so used to politicians speaking proper political speech, Trump doesn’t do political speech and is not a politician. Good for him!