Jan 19 2017

Trump Shatters Inauguration Fundraising Record

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Haven’t seen this bit of news from the “Fake News” Media, probably because it does not play nicely with their obstructionist bias:

And it’s not even close.

In fact, Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee has raised over $100 million in private donations, according to numbers from the Congressional Research Service, the Federal Election Commission, and the Associated Press.

This is nearly double President Obama’s previous records of $55 million in 2009 and $43 million in 2013.

If Trump outperforms Obama like this during his first 4 years, the Liberal Democrat Party will need a lot more safeplaces for the snowflakes run come inauguration day, 2021.

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One Response to “Trump Shatters Inauguration Fundraising Record”

  1. kathie says:

    Off to a very good start…..good for him!