Jan 20 2017

Democrats/”Fake News” Just Extended Their Time In The Political Wilderness

The Democrats and the Fake News Media need to comprehend what a nation sees when it wakes up on Inauguration Day and is faced with this kind of picture and news. Americans go to an Inaugural ball (The Deploraball) and this is the price they pay?

The only conclusion to draw is that the left is not mature enough , not responsible enough, to join civil society. They must continue their timeout in the Political Wilderness until they demosntrare they are ready.

For all their cries of Fascists, Nazis and Hate, I guess they need to get themselves to a mirror to see what that really looks like.

If America ever needed evidence we made the right choice last November, and that we are stepping onto the right path today, we need go no further than look at what the opposition has to offer as a counter argument. Violence.

At this rate, we can assume the Democrats will lose big in 2018 and Trump – if he wants it – will win a second term in 2020. Because – let’s be honest here – who wants more of this crap? Who is pathetic enough to actually vote for it?

Update: Ed Morissey and I come to the same conclusion (no surprise there):

Just how long will this tantrum last? Right now it looks like it will last every day for the next four years, and that will almost inevitably produce a second term for Donald Trump. Masks are slipping over the last few weeks, and regardless of one’s misgivings about Trump himself

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, the Left is demonstrating that the alternative was much, much worse.

This is how the lefties react to We The People changing the course of our country. No going back now.

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