Jan 30 2017

FoxNews Panel Demonstrates Inside Beltway Niavete

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Bret Baier’s panel tonight was a laughing stock of inside-the-beltway babble  regarding the immigration ban put in place this weekend. The ignorance shined through in the idea presented by all of them that if President Trump only coordinated with more people (and more sources of Fake News leaks) there would not have been a heated backlash to the ban

Really? You four really think the Soros backed and coordinated protests would not have made the Fake News headlines if Trump talked to more DC bureaucrats?

OMG – can we find some panel members who actually have a worthy thought?

Bret – get some higher wattage thinkers who are not mentally limited by the elitists view on how things MUST be done in DC. Get folks from outside DC and NY.  Otherwise

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