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Oct 20 2010

GOP Blow Out In Enthusiasm

We are getting actual data now due to early voting, and it shows a GOP enthusiasm blow out when compared to either proportions of voter registration rolls or proportions of votes in previous elections. The first indication we have of an enormous wave is in PA, where Politico is reporting early voting is swinging heavily […]

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Oct 20 2010

Boxer In Trouble, Survey USA Has Turnout Issues

A new Survey USA poll out shows long term incumbent Boxer in serious trouble. Even in a normal year any incumbent polling below 50% is in trouble, and when polling near or below 45% is typically not going to pull it out (because 55% of the voters have already decided to not vote for the […]

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Oct 20 2010

Surge Of GOP Clear At Excellent NC Election Site

This is the way election sites should be set up in the internet age. This North Carolina Transparency Project has incredible site to quickly review the electoral make up and status for the state. It concisely communicates an incredible wealth of information. All states should be producing something like this. For example, you can compare […]

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