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Oct 21 2010

Dems Surging? Or Simply The Last Gasp Of The Wiley E Coyote Party?

A few outlier polls and everyone thinks the dynamic sent in motion over the past two years of arrogant DC liberals running amok has just disappeared in one week. Very fanciful, if not fictional. Data is meant to be integrated and balanced, not over reacted to at each data point. This is how we get […]

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Oct 21 2010

PA Senate Race Takes Turn Towards GOP Over Night!

Folks, polls are fickle things. One PPP poll showing significantly more Democrat turnout than 2008 and 2006 is not a trend. It is shoddy polling. Then another PA polling group comes out and announces “Joe Sestak Has Lead” – even while the results are a statistical tie at best (+/- 5%). That same hyper-ventilated poll […]

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Oct 21 2010

USA Announces Terror Alert – NPR Fires Williams For Reacting To Threat

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In what has to be a ‘last straw’ moment for PUBLIC radio (e.g., our tax dollars hard at work), NPR has fired Juan Williams for being concerned about Muslim terrorists, after our government announced a high threat level from … wait for it … Muslim terrorists: The move came after Mr. Williams, who is also […]

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