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Oct 26 2010

Another Look At The GOP Wave In The Early Voting

Update: Sean Trende at RCP does a similar form of analysis, gets similar answer. Update: Those not seeing the wave are blinded by denial – so says The Hill. And The Hotline concurs. Update: Read the analysis and then come back and check out this Hillbuzz rumor about moderate Democrats energized to vote straight GOP […]

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Oct 26 2010

An “Oh … My … God!” Poll In VA

OK, I have been watching Democrats fall like dominoes all over the place with a distant pleasure. But it is not until you see a big one fall near your home before you actually feel the rumble of that tsunami coming down in your bones: A dramatic reversal of fortune in Virginia‚Äôs 9th Congressional District, […]

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Oct 26 2010

Toomey Running Away In PA Senate Race

The poll that made headlines in PA when it came out by showing a surprise 3% lead for Democrat Joe Sestak is now, less than a week later, showing GOP contender Pat Toomey running away with the race (click to enlarge): Which, as I noted yesterday, is in line with the early voting trends in […]

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