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Oct 24 2010

5 Million Served!

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Well, we hit a major milestone this evening when the Strata-Sphere hosted its 5 millionth visitor. I humbly thank all you great and kind folks who stop by and partake in my rants and raves each day. And I also want to thank those who have donated to the site this month, it came at […]

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Oct 24 2010

Early Voting Trends Show Broad Edge in GOP Enthusiasm

I wanted to really ascertain which party was more motivated to vote (or more successful in the GOTV) using a common measurement that avoids turnout model speculation. In my mind, if a party is outperforming its 2010 registered-voter percentage, then it is has to be enjoying a edge in voter enthusiasm. Even more importantly, if […]

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Oct 24 2010

Early Voting Around Chicago Scaring Democrats

The ‘home town” of our young and inexperienced president is becoming a perfect example of what this election cycle is all about. The early voting trends in the larger Chicago area are indicating a horrible election for Democrats across the nation: Let’s look at early voting, for instance, and the fact that for the first […]

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