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Apr 14 2010

Democrats Could Face Historic Wipeout This Year

Democrats have a lot of reasons to be concerned about this fall’s elections. Mostly, the economy sucks and will continue to suck for the every day citizen for months (if not years) to come.  Unemployment is stubbornly stuck near 10%, and the weekly job reports have been running in the same narrow band of 400,000+ […]

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Apr 14 2010

Government Can Turn People Into Mindless Leeches, Just Give Them Welfare For Life

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This story out of the UK is just stunning. A 29 year old mother with her 8th child on the way who (obviously) has never held a paying job and a 35 year old father who quit work 9 years ago (at age 26) because UK welfare pays so well.  No one has worked for […]

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Apr 14 2010

Skin Cancer Vaccine Discovered – No Humans Destroyed In Process

There has been an important medical breakthrough in the US/UK. Researchers have discovered a vaccine for skin cancer which reignites the body’s immunity system to reverse and many times cure the cancerous areas. Dr Howard Kaufman, of Chicago’s Rush University Medical Centre, said: “Our study shows we may have a cure for some advanced melanoma […]

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