Apr 14 2010

Government Can Turn People Into Mindless Leeches, Just Give Them Welfare For Life

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This story out of the UK is just stunning. A 29 year old mother with her 8th child on the way who (obviously) has never held a paying job and a 35 year old father who quit work 9 years ago (at age 26) because UK welfare pays so well.  No one has worked for a paycheck in this house for almost decade!

The Davey family’s £815-a-week state handouts pay for a four-bedroom home, top-of-the-range mod cons and two vehicles including a Mercedes people carrier.

Father-of-seven Peter gave up work because he could make more living on benefits.

Yet he and his wife Claire are still not happy with their lot.
With an eighth child on the way, they are demanding a bigger house, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Mrs Davey has never had a full-time job while her 35-year-old husband gave up his post in administration nine years ago after realising they would be better off living off the state.
At their semi on the Isle of Anglesey, the family have a 42in flatscreen television in the living room with Sky TV at £50 a month, a Wii games console, three Nintendo DS machines and a computer – not to mention four mobile phones.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1265508/Peter-Davey-gets-42-000-benefits-year-drives-Mercedes.html#ixzz0l4n35d8q

This is just nuts. These people look to be fairly nice, but they have become addicted to the government handout. If the father had been actually working for the last decade he would have been promoted to a level well above what they have now – that is how careers work.

You cannot provide endless handouts – it destroys the human spirit. These people are now professional leeches who know more about getting government handouts than anything else.

And it looks to be a life long cage since they don’t seem able or willing to break the bonds of the gilded (but cheap) cage. H/T Hot Air

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  1. WWS says:

    “If the father had been actually working for the last decade he would have been promoted to a level well above what they have now – that is how careers work.”

    Probably not – I give the inept and unmotivated credit for picking the path best suited for them, which in this case is a life of freeloading. We’re talking about a guy who would have had his feet up on the desk and hiding from his bosses for the last 9 years.

    The real problem is the way the government has set up a system which penalizes those willing to work and rewarded the lazy, unmotivated, and the talentless. That is a great way to build the lazy, unmotivated, and talentless society which is on display in the UK today. A true idiocracy. A perversely rotten health care system? Who cares? A solid majority is now too stupid to know it can be different, and too lazy to do anything about it even if they did.

    And that is how once great nations die.

  2. tarpon says:

    And then the state money runs out … Isn’t that when the old Mao statement all power comes from the barrel of a gun, becomes operative? The gulags open. And when the gulags overfill, well everyone knows where that leads.

    I think we are on the brink of the state’s money exhaustion, hence the need for the AGW scam.

    Is there any similar downside to freedom, liberty, free market capitalism?

    Then why not choose liberty? Oh, the tyrants don’t like that? sigh ……

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  4. WWS says:

    “Then why not choose liberty? Oh, the tyrants don’t like that? sigh ……”

    There’s a crucial point to be made here which explains why the UK is in this situation. (and why we’re headed there) It isn’t just the “tyrants” who hate liberty – it is the freeloaders who are the focus of this article, and all like them!

    Liberty means Responsibility – it means hard work, it means planning for the future realisitically, it means being willing to stand on your own two feet. The freeloaders and the welfare cases want *none* of that – THEY are the ones who despise Liberty! Their entire lives, their entire being DEPENDS on the existence of a coercive state apparatus which will sustain them, support them, and make all fo their decisions for them. Without that, they are stuck starving in the gutter, because they are completey *Unwilling* to take responsibility for themselves – they hate the very idea of it!

    People like this are slaves for life, just as all the children being raised in that household are born and bred to be slaves for life. Understand – slavery is what they WANT, and slavery is what they NEED.

    It is not just the tyrants who are our enemies – it is every person who loves this system the way it is, because it is their constant support that makes this system continue. They are the leeches who are draining our lives away.

  5. Alert1201 says:

    My sister use to live in an apartment where there was a young lady under 30 who had 6 kids and lived on welfare. Here children were bred for no other reason then to increase the amount of welfare she received. It was infuriating to my sister to be working 50 hours a week while right up till the day her baby was born while this slut sat around pumping out puppies only to get more money for the state. The lady had no husband and the children just ran around wild with no instruction or training.

    Not surprising the women was never happy, every time I talked to her she was griping and complaining about something. They are miserable people and not only are they slaves, as WWS says, but they are the worse type of slave – a voluntary one. They are slaves by their own choice. It is not some outward force that has enslaved them, they are there by their own lack of ambition, motivation and self-respect.

    Its is more dignified to be begging in the streets for your childrens’ bread the be on the governments dole.

  6. Redteam says:

    Reminds me of back about 1968 when I was making $7000 a year. LBJ was attempting to get a guaranteed minimum income per family of $6800 passed. I was planning to quit working and just draw the 6800. Otherwise I would have been working 40 hours a week for $200 a year. Luckily it didn’t pass and I didn’t have to make the choice of becoming a freeloader.
    I’ve known of several women that had several children just to increase the amount of welfare. It works.

  7. Wilbur Post says:

    The UK is headed for a debt crisis of its own. Huge bond fund PIMCO has them on their list of “must avoid” countries, right next to Greece. 28% of public spending goes to welfare payments. Enjoy it now Daveys, the clock is running out on your vacation: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/7542428/PIMCO-fears-UK-debt-trap.html