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Jan 16 2010

Coakley Down By 16% In Absentee Voting

Looks like it could very well be a historic wipe out in MA Tuesday. RCP is reporting that of the 9% of Massachusetts voters who voted absentee (which ended yesterday) Brown is winning 58-42, or 16%. This is right in line with my computations this morning, which indicate Coakley could lose by as much as […]

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Jan 16 2010

InTrade Moving Away From Coakley

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Just one more undeniable piece of evidence of the momentum behind this huge wave: InTrade, possibly the most accurate political prediction market in the U.S., now shows the Scott Brown vs. Martha Coakley special election as a dead heat. Less than 48 hours ago, Coakley was trading 77 to 23 over Brown. With this trajectory Brown could […]

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Jan 16 2010

An Inept Coakley Is Not The Cause, Just Contributing Factor

I seriously wonder about the mental stability of some of the political geniuses now running politics in this country. The Political Industrial Complex is the control-freak industry which runs politicians, and includes the news media, the consultants and campaign aids, the staff and lobbyists. And of course the front people – the politicians themselves. The […]

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Jan 16 2010

How Bad Is Coakley Doing In Massachusetts?

What we are seeing in the way of public polls and rumors about internal polls for the Massachusetts special election is just stunning. The last two public polls to come out had Coakley behind by 4% and 15%. I seriously doubt the 15% lead for Brown, but the fact is it is completely plausible given […]

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