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Jan 07 2010

Obama’s National Security Team Still Doesn’t Quite Get It

Update: Dana Milbank from the Washington Post apparently sees things the way I do. – end update Just finished listening to the Q&A session at the White House and reviewing the report, and we Americans clearly have more dots to connect ourselves. The White House report (as vague as it is) can be found here. First […]

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Jan 07 2010

Obama Administration In Race Against Time To Stop Next 9-11

As more details are leaked out ahead of the shocking report coming out today on the near miss Christmas Day bombing on Flight 253 we are left to wonder what is going on inside this young and inexperienced administration. First, we have to ask why the administration let the bomber, Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who […]

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Jan 07 2010

Administration Let Bomber Arrive In US Before Acting

Update: It seems someone inside the government is trying to paint a target on Leiter who apparently was at NCTC the day of the failed attack. Must be a really bad report coming out soon. Update: This administration was definitely caught with their eyes off the ball. Not only did the President continue his vacation […]

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