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Jan 02 2010

White House Briefed On Flight 253 Bomb Technology Two Months Prior

Drip, Drip, Drip. As more information is known, the depth of the Obama Administration’s failures continue to deepen and shock. Not only did: the NSA pick up chatter in August about al Qaeda planning attacks on the US with a “Nigerian”  – possibly going by the name Umar Farouk, the NSA pick up Nigerian Umar […]

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Jan 02 2010

Man-Made Global Warming Was Biggest Con Of The Last Century

One thing 2009 will be remembered for is it will be the year the man-made global warming con finally fell apart. It will be partially due to the shoddy ‘science’ used (and abused) to promote the con. It will be partially due to the realization that the con was being run by people with financial […]

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Jan 02 2010

President Was Briefed On Holiday Attack 3 Days Ahead Of Time

I am stunned at the amount of evidence coming out on what we missed in allowing a faulty bomb triggering mechanism to come between a Jihadist bomber and the death of nearly 300 innocent people on Christmas Day in the skies over Detriot, MI. Even worse are the claims from the Obama administration about the […]

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