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Jan 20 2010

Proof Why Global Warming Alarmists Are Mathematically Wrong

As I have learned more and more about the ‘science’ and ‘math’ that is the foundation of the man-made global warming (AGW) theory, the more I realize how amateurish that science and math really is. For those of us who deal day in and day out in complex physical systems, driven by multiple natural forces […]

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Jan 20 2010

Best Post Election-Earthquake Reads

I have been scanning some of the post mortems on the MA Special Election earthquake, and I have pulled a few as the ones I see as the most important. Many on the right and left will not be comforted by these observations, but that is what happens when we learn from upheaval. First, I […]

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Jan 20 2010

Will Democrats Heed The MA Wake Up Call?

America is a centrist nation. It some areas it leans center left and in others center right. In strange pockets knitted together by gerrymandering there are instances of far right and far left cults. But these are false images of America – as we just saw in Massachusetts yesterday. America has a comfort zone and […]

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