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Nov 23 2008

The Democrat Honeymoon Over Before It Even Starts?

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The Obama, marketed as the man who would ‘change’ politics, America and the world has stumbled out of the starting blocks. His selection of cabinet members has most people wondering if there are enough Clinton-era political retreads left around to fill all the Obama administration slots. “Change” just doesn’t seem to be coming through with […]

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Nov 22 2008

The Growing Iranian Nuclear Threat

  Sorry for the light posting folks, we had a new project start up on November 3rd on my ‘day job’ and the start up phase has been kicking my butt. Anyway, the holidays always slow things down on government projects so I will hopefully have a few more windows of opportunity here in the […]

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Nov 20 2008

The Pet Rock Presidency?

What kind of President will Obama be? We only have vague and conflicting impressions because his statements to date appear to be incoherent (at best) on a range of subjects. For example, he wants to eradicate al-Qaeda but run from Iraq. If we left Iraq and focused on the tribal regions of Pakistan, where does […]

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Nov 19 2008

The Miracle Of Adult Stem Cells

This is amazing progress from adult stem cell research, accomplishing what innumerable destroyed human-  lives just starting out in the embryonic phase of life – have yet to even come close to accomplishing: A 30-year-old Spanish woman has made medical history by becoming the first patient to receive a whole organ transplant grown using her own cells.   Experts […]

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Nov 18 2008

Wait Until The News Media Begs For A Bailout

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The idea US taxpayers, struggling to stay afloat in a damaged economy, should bail out companies and state governments is a joke. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were disastrous experiments in liberal social policies. As usual those with connections siphoned off 100’s of millions of dollars from mortgage payments for themselves, and then lined the […]

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Nov 18 2008

Must See TV: 5 Years On Mars

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Last night I watched 5 Year On Mars, the National Geographic documentary of the two martian rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) built by NASA JPL, which have well exceeded their design parameters of 90 days of operation. After nearly 5 years of major successes and numerous near death experiences, these robots (guided by human operators by […]

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Nov 17 2008

Iraqis Agree To Extend US Presence

While we have attained much of a victory in Iraq, the focus now should be on protecting the victory and honoring the sacrifices made in attaining it. To do this the US and Iraqi governments need to plan out a transition phase to carefully reduce US forces towards the goal of having all US fighting […]

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Nov 17 2008

Tired Old Guard Of “True” Conservatives Tries To Stop Palin

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There is old rot in the GOP and conservative movement. It is the same old rot that took GOP Congressional majorities and a GOP White House in 2004 and was able to completely destroy the GOP and conservative brand in a mere 4 years, handing over Congress and the Dems to liberal democrats (on the […]

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Nov 16 2008

Global Warming Lies Will Bring World Economic Recession

  There are legitimate times when nations need to suck their resources and production capacity dry in an effort to save humanity. The last time was World War II. Since then there have been times when nations need to buckle down and make investments in national security or emergency response to natural disasters. But these […]

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Nov 15 2008

‘True’ Conservatives are Truly Clueless

I was trying to write a post on man-made global warming, the fact it has been proven to be a myth and the enormous financial damage the liberals are going to do on a global scale chasing a fool’s errand, when I came across another one of those examples of a far right conservative who […]

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