Nov 19 2008

The Miracle Of Adult Stem Cells

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This is amazing progress from adult stem cell research, accomplishing what innumerable destroyed human-  lives just starting out in the embryonic phase of life – have yet to even come close to accomplishing:

A 30-year-old Spanish woman has made medical history by becoming the first patient to receive a whole organ transplant grown using her own cells.


Experts said the development opened a new era in surgery in which the repair of worn-out body parts would be carried out with personally customised replacements.

Doctors overcame the problem of rejection by taking her own stem cells to grow the replacement organ, using a donor trachea (lower windpipe) to provide the mechanical framework. Blood tests have shown no sign of rejection months after the surgery was complete.

More here:

Researchers and surgeons from Britain, Italy and Spain collaborated to grow tissue from Ms Castillo’s own bone marrow stem cells, using them to fashion the new bronchus – a branch of the windpipe. They believe that one day the approach will be used to create engineered replacements for other damaged organs, such as the bowel or bladder. In five years they hope to begin clinical trials in which laboratory-made voice boxes are implanted into patients with cancer of the larynx.

Genetically tuned replacement organs grown from your own adult stem cells, not harvested from young humans grown in factories like something out of The Matrix. Once again science has provided a ethical path to curing ailments and diseases that doesn’t rely on human sacrifice to obtain replacement parts.

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  1. Cepik says:

    This is absolutely amazing

  2. This was a stunning story, and its amazing how the “anti-science” Bush led the way on this issue.

  3. Wayne at Jeremiah Films says:

    I have linked to, with an excerpt, your post from BlogWatch: Unborn Life. Your post is the type of research that needs research and investment.