Sep 12 2008

Obama Sinking Dems, Not Just Himself – Election Over (Updated)

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Bill Clinton is one of the most popular Democrat heroes of all time. Yet he took power of the White House while dems controlled both houses of Congress, and when he was done all three were in GOP hands. Go figure, in my world that is a disaster.

Barack Obama seems to be ten times more gifted than Clinton. He may be able to tear down the Dems in Congress just running from for President, not actually serving (which seems less and less likely with each passing day).

When Obama’s lame lipstick schtick erupted I said the election was over. I said proof will come when the seasoned polls started backing away from Obama:

How bad is this mistake? Watch Biden and Hillary and the other Democrats and see how much they are willing to personally stake on the event. Some radicals are in to the end and will sink to any low to grasp onto the dream. But many will back off to save themselves.

The dems are now concerned the sinking SS Obama will take a lot of them down with it:

Democratic jitters about the US presidential race have spread to Capitol Hill, where some members of Congress are worried that Barack Obama’s faltering campaign could hurt their chances of re-election.

Party leaders have been hoping to strengthen Democratic control of the House and Senate in November, but John McCain’s jump in the polls has stoked fears of a Republican resurgence.

A Democratic fundraiser for Congressional candidates said some planned to distance themselves from Mr Obama and not attack Mr McCain.

“If people are voting for McCain it could help Republicans all the way down the ticket, even in a year when the Democrats should be sweeping all before us,” said the fundraiser, a former Hillary Clinton supporter.

“There is a growing sense of doom among Democrats I have spoken to . . . People are going crazy, telling the campaign ‘you’ve got to do something’.”

A lot of my readers laughed at me that the lipstick Schtick was so bad. In of itself it wasn’t. But in the broader picture of Sarah Palin walking out of Main Street USA to shake up the arrogant snobs in the Political Industrial Conplex, and with the liberal media and denizens of the fevered swamp sling slime at Palin, the pig comment was the tipping point – the last straw.

A line has been crossed that will not be uncrossed. The fact down ticket dems are starting to back off means the sinking of Obama is going real and serious. This will have a ripple effect as the lack of confidence in the Chosen One expands, hurting fund raising and support, creating even more danger signals. Obama will not last the month of September.

He is an amateur, and the dems knew this when they pushed him into the slot over Clinton. Now they get to live with the results of that incredibly dumb decision. This was never going to be American Idol.

Update: Reader Cepan (Mat World View) linked to some Gallup Poll numbers which must have the Congressional Dems fearing for their gavels. What was once a commanding lead in the generic balance is now a tie, and that means America may be ready to “throw the bums out”:

Those 80% wrong track numbers may be finding a target to punish. Maybe not all that surprising after doing nothing about energy while prices sky rocketed, being completely wrong about the Iraq War and pushing for surrender and being basically useless, Congressional Dems have been reckless and careless because they believed the voter anger would remain on Bush/Cheney. But as I have said for over a year (especially on the Surge) when it came down to voting this year it will be the Dems on the tickets.

Now with their pathetic and repulsive treatment of Sarah Palin the dems are losing support quickly. This may be one for the history books in many more ways than one. Look, for Sarah to succeed (unlike Nancy Pelosi) she will need a mandate and allies. Women are smart, they know the future for their daughters rests on Palin not only winning office, but getting the opportunity to show her stuff. With the opposition to that happening now firmly seated in the Democrat Party, the barrier to women’s final victory for equality is easily identified. A simple mass voting till take care of that one.

The dems may be in a lot more trouble than they think. I still say we cannot yet measure the size of the Palin phenom after one brief week. It may just be beginning to build.

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  1. dave m says:


    Will the Dems try to replace him?
    A possible signal would be if the Berg lawsuit suddenly appears to
    gain traction.
    Your “star chamber” post was right on target.
    If they do decide to replace him, they’ll need an excuse.
    Warts? Lawsuits?
    Interesting times.

  2. UglyinLA says:

    Am I the only one who is concerned that the Dems will ressurrect the Hildabeast. JoeB thinks she is more qualified to be President than he is. Its the most obvious trial balloon ever launched, and if we ignore it, then we are making the same mistake the Dems are in assuming that Palin is our annointed one, our savior. This election is far from over. The Dems, along with their powerbase (the MSM) will fight back with everything they have. They are just waiting for one misstep that they elevate into a crisis in confidence against either Mac or Sarah.

  3. browngreengold says:


    I, too, have that nagging feeling about the Hildabeast.

    When Biden made that statement it got my attention.

    I’m thinkin’ that Biden may have been a massive head fake from the beginning and that Hillary! may be waiting in the wings to dash in, invigorate their fruit-loopy base, and rescue the party from the brink of disaster.

  4. WWS says:

    It’s too late to switch nominees. Hillary has no campaign organization left, and in the odd way the dem party does it, the campaign personnel answer to the candidate, not to the party. If Obama dropped out, the entire national campaign structure of the dem party drops out with him.

    I say that only to point out that he can’t and won’t quit. Too late to do anything but ride it out.

    But you are absolutely correct about waiting for a misstep to pounce on, that is their last and only hope. The debates are going to be crucial.

  5. Mike M. says:

    Putting Clinton on the bottom of the ticket reeks too much of desperation. Putting her on the TOP guarantees a near-complete collapse of the African-American vote.

    Either way, the Dems look like they are headed off the cliff. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of twerps.

  6. KauaiBoy says:

    Reminds me of another great American colloquialism: “The shine has worn off that turd”

    I am not desperate for change as I love this country for all it is and all its potential but do welcome the way McCain has gotten a women onto the ticket. She is also a lot more like the average American than any of the established politicians which helps to differentiate them and thus scares the hell out of them. Good for that— they all need a swift kick in the ass and this is a good start and very entertaining. Squirm you worms!!!

  7. UglyinLA says:

    I hope you guys are right. There just seems to be too many “signals” coming from the Rats. Words like “jitters” “concerns” “worries” coming from the Rat camp portend some sort of change is coming. This may no longer be about saving Obie, but it may be about salvaging the Rat majority in Congress.

    I do agree that it would be almost impossible to change ships now, but they might be able to pull it off if they made the change soon. If its still Obie/Joe at the end of Sept then yes, its too late. But if Rats decide in the next few weeks to blow up the SS Obama and sink it and launch the SS Hildabeast, they might still have time to recover. Especially with the fact that the MSM will be on the dock cheering and celebrating the launch. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  8. pjo says:

    Just remember what they did in NJ with Lautenberg, it just needs to be plausible. I saw the ad on TV this morning about McCain not able to use a computer, well that is it, we’re talking a real deal breaker here, I just cannot vote for McCain because of this one fact (sarcasm off). My god are these idiots really flailing around now, somebody could get an eye poked out or something.
    AJ, remember less than a week ago we where talking about negative coat tails being a possibility. If the adults on the other side don’t get things back under control it will get pretty ugly and I am not sure about them losing gracefully on this one. BTW, who should we look for to reel the lefities back in, if these people really do exist?

  9. AJ,

    Can you believe this:

    Obama’s Plumbers

    by John Batchelor (more by this author)

    Posted 09/12/2008 ET

    There is a secret group in the Obama-Biden campaign tasked with shutting off any leaks from the record that links Barack Obama to his longtime adviser and mentor Bill Ayers, professor of education at the University of Illinois and unrepentant Weatherman terrorist and fugitive from the 1970s.

    This surprising fact has been developed by Chicago-born and Ralph Nader-supporting Professor Steve Diamond of Santa Clara University Law School, who maintains the Global Labor and Politics blog and has pieced together over many months the unusual surreptitious activity around the public records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) grant now housed at the University of Illinois and Brown University.

    Since the spring, Diamond has led the investigation into the intimate working relationship between Obama and Ayers that dates back at least to the beginning of 1995 and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Grants.

    Diamond believes this group is not harmless. “It’s a ‘Plumbers’ unit. You know, we are old enough to recall the Plumbers in Richard Nixon’s White House. This is like that. The job is to stop anyone trying to use the (Chicago) Annenberg (Challenge) papers to figure out how Ayers and Obama worked together on education.”

    The “Plumbers” were a Nixon administration fiasco, the so-called secret White House Special Investigative Unit 24 tasked to stop the leaks of classified material. Once revealed, the Plumbers unit led to more bizarre discoveries that culminated in the Watergate impeachment and resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974.

    Diamond believes this Obama-Biden “Plumbers” unit was responsible for the harassment of Stanley Kurtz of National Review, who sought access to public records of the now defunct CAC at the University of Illinois Library in Chicago in mid-August. He also believes it may have played a part in frustrating his own investigation of similar CAC records in the papers of the nationwide Annenberg Challenge program that are housed at Brown University. The question now is who among the major figures in the Chicago progressive circle, as well as former Annenberg Challenge officials, are unofficial members of Obama’s Plumbers? And who among other responsible officials of the University of Illinois are their unwitting allies?


  10. crosspatch says:

    What really saddens me is that only something like 5% of our military votes and has their vote counted. More attempt to vote but their ballot comes in late.

    If you have a relative or friend in the military, ask them to please make sure they vote. Time is getting short to request absentee ballots.

    Lets make this the year our service members have their voices heard.

  11. owl says:

    I agree with WWS that the debates will be crucial. I am also unhappy when I read that NBC replaced Matthews and Obie with Gregory. He is a nastier Dem attack dog than Matthews and more out of control than Obie. Only imagine.

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  13. Redteam says:

    trent: some good info there. I would like to set the record straight on one thing he said:
    “the Plumbers unit led to more bizarre discoveries that culminated in the Watergate impeachment and resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974.”

    There was no ‘watergate impeachment’ in 1974 or any other year.