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Aug 13 2007

Newsweek Busted For Global Warming Tripe – By Editor

It seems the Newsweek story regardng who is in denial about global warming was so bad even a Newsweek editor had to come out and publically tear it down. The story was all about how those of us who do not buy into Al Gore’s unscientific emotional tirades (probably because we have backgrounds in science […]

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Aug 13 2007

NY Times Notes British Failure In Premature Iraq Withdrawal

While the violence in those areas patrolled by the US is finally on the wane as al-Qaeda’s brutallity created a Muslim backlash which has resulted in Iraqis swearing on the Koran to defeat the terrorists, the Southern area of Iraq where British forces operated has been a mixed bag. The UK had the responsibility to […]

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Aug 13 2007

Rove Moves On

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Karl Rove, the mythological genius behind Bush’s success, is departing the administration this month. As we come to the end of the final Government fiscal year before the next Presidential elections, it is not uncommon to see staffers start to depart. The fact is Bush will have very little clout next year to sway congressional […]

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Aug 13 2007

Surge Produces Impressive Drop In Carnage

al-Qaeda long ago surpassed the American death toll it achieved for 9-11 with a Muslim death toll that is just stunning. We can figure this out by looking at the impressive drop in al-Qaeda bombings in Iraq: he number of truck bombs and other large al-Qaeda-style attacks in Iraq have declined nearly 50% since the […]

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