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Aug 18 2007

Congress Is Just Really Unpopular, Even Compared To Bush

Update: Quinnipiac sees the same dismal numbers for Congress with 20% approval, 70% disapproval. – end update In this poll of Floridian voters I detect what is probably the national mood on many topics. What is shows is increasing support for Bush and Congress continues to free-fall as they demonstrate their impotence and lack of […]

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Aug 18 2007

Going After The Remnants Of al-Qaeda In Iraq

al-Qaeda has been chased from large population centers in Anbar and Diyala Provinces (as well as others around Baghdad) to the point where they are now dispersed into small, temporary enclaves. Much of this has been due to the fact the local Iraqis are turning en masse against al-Qaeda. Many are tipping authorities off to […]

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Aug 18 2007

Additional Po-210 Contamination Sites In London Made Public

Updates below link new sites to Litvinenko – not Lugovoi – and point to Litvinenko as source of Po-210 contamination. From my first post on the Litvinenko story I had serious doubts about the planned PR nature of the Litvinenko death and the idea an assassin would use such an unstable, slow acting and detectable […]

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