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Aug 26 2007

AJStrata Once Again Vindicated On FISA-NSA Issue

I have a long post below on the political implications of the recent FISA-NSA debate based on a wondefully candid interview by the El Paso Times with Mike McConnell, National Intelligence Director. But in this interview McConnell makes some statements which vindicate what I have been saying all along about the NSA-FISA dustup the NY […]

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Aug 26 2007

Democrats Finally Realize Self Preservation Includes Protecting America

The liberal movement, mad from having to exist under two terms of President Bush, succumbed to their madness in two very dangerous ways. First, and borderline traitorous, was the exposure of our NSA surveillance program and how information regarding contacts between terrorists overseas and people here in the US that had once been thrown out […]

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Aug 26 2007

Hitchens In The Ditch

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The last two presidential terms have seen the complete disruption and dissolution of ‘political conventional wisdom’. It saw the end of the Democrats decades long hold on power when a Democrat Congress went down in flames under a naive Democrat President. We saw a GOP lose its mind in trying to impeach said Democrat President […]

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