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Aug 05 2007

al-Qaeda Has Lost Iraq – No Question II

More evidence is finally being reported by the SurrenderMedia as the changes across Iraq have become so pronounced news organizations can longer credibly ignore the sea change there: RAMADI—Once the most dangerous place in Iraq, the self-proclaimed capital of the Sunni insurgency, Ramadi has become a bustling, largely peaceful city where residents are starting to […]

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Aug 05 2007

American al-Qaeda Cries “Uncle”

al-Qaeda is in deep, deep trouble in the Middle East. Since 9-11 and their one success, President Bush made good on his claim at the WTC site where, through a bullhorn, be promised those responsible for 9-11 would be hearing from all of us, soon. Now Afghanistan is a promising democracy with a bright future. […]

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Aug 05 2007

Iraq Transitioning To Success

Last fall Anbar Province was a safe haven and operational base of al-Qaeda. It is not anymore. The Surge is designed to transition the trouble spots in iraq through three stages: secure, hold, build. It is now being reported from Iraq that many of the areas that were deemed unsalvageable a few months ago are […]

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Aug 05 2007

Democrats Voted To Oppose Protecting America From Terrorist Attack

The legislation just passed by the Congress to establish into law the post 9-11 changes to our intelligence gathering and law enforcement efforts against terrorism show how the Democrats see protecting America as totally irrelevant. I have written extensively on this subject since the NY Times exposed the fact we will monitor known terrorists overseas […]

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