Aug 13 2007

Rove Moves On

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Karl Rove, the mythological genius behind Bush’s success, is departing the administration this month. As we come to the end of the final Government fiscal year before the next Presidential elections, it is not uncommon to see staffers start to depart. The fact is Bush will have very little clout next year to sway congressional priorities outside his efforts on National Security and the Iraq war. So it is not surprising Rove sees his utility to Bush waning and ready to see what life will bring after eight years of supporting a highly successful White House (Bush is not responsible for the disaster that is and was the GOP Congress and the GOP’s fractured and wayward base).

But there is a lot of mythology surrounding Rove – as he rightfully points out in the article linked above. Bush is much smarter than his critics (who all have yet to shoulder the responsibility of President of The United States). Critics have an easy job – the complain without the responsibility to make change happen. That is why I tend to think much less of professional critics than those trying to make a difference. Professional critics are too close to being just like the media – unqualified posuers of expertise.

Rove is very insightful, and his gift (as with Bush) is thinking on how, and working to, get things done. The majority of the people around DC and NY City do nothing but think of what things might go wrong, or thinking up mind-numbingly simplistic solutions which cannot address the complexity of the tough issues that have been with us for decades. Rove is someone who helps make things happen – and because of this simple trait he has been branded some kind of political genius. Well I guess given the normal mindset in DC the ability to persevere instead of handwring he must look totally awesome in comparison.

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    Karl Rove will be leaving the White House at the end of the month.

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  2. browngreengold says:

    I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Rove last fall when President Bush came to town.

    He was a very down to earth, friendly, and engaging with me as well as with my 15 and 9 year old sons. With all that was going on he took the time to speak to both of my sons and find out their names.

    He spoke at length to my 9 year old and when I asked to take his picture he graciously offered to allow the three of us to pose with him for a photograph.

    That photo, along with the photo of my 9 year old shaking the President’s hand, are now hanging on the wall of my son’s room. You’ve never seen a smile so large on a little boy’s face as the one that he is wearing in those pictures.

    I wish Mr. Rove well in whatever path he chooses to take from September 1st and beyond.

  3. ivehadit says:

    G_d bless you Karl Rove. WE LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for all you have done to make this a better country and world.

    Anyone seen Sooth lately????

  4. ivehadit says:

    And now you can go and enjoy your Nan Cunningham paintings!!!!

  5. Terrye says:

    I bet that book will interesting.

  6. marsum42 says:

    I have every respect for Mr. Rove. I am just sorry that Bill Plaint of CBS News acted like a spoiled child and yelled “If you are so smart, why did you lose the Congress” at his final news conference. Mr. Plaint should be barred from the White House.

  7. The Macker says:

    He weathered a rogue prosecuter and a congressional mob. He served the President and the country well.

    The congressional losses were their own.

  8. Dc says:

    Sooth is “tiedup” at the moment