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May 29 2006

Closing In On Zarqawi

Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq Zarqawi must be getting really nervous. Another of his aides (I think that makes three in the last month or so) has been captured, this time in Baghdad: Iraqi security forces have captured a senior aide of al Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Baghdad, a Defence Ministry […]

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May 29 2006

Spanish American War Finally Over

The permanence of temporary government policies can be seen in this post by Mac Ranger where the US has decided the tax used to fund the Spanish American war is finally not needed anymore. How is it this was not done under the last 6 years of Republican Congressional control?  The word ‘leadership’ comes to […]

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May 29 2006

The Council Has Spoken!

This week’s selections for the Watcher’s Council are out and here are the results. In the council category the winner was Let Us Make Them All Welcome by Gates of Vienna, with second place going to Assessing the Threat At Our Southern Border by The Glittering Eye. In the non-council category the winner was The […]

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May 29 2006

To Die For Nothing

Mark Coffey has a post on the despicable actions of Kissenger and Nixon who, apparently, said they could allow communist take over of Vietnam if we could get our troops out.  After all those deaths what those people died for was ‘expediency’: This latest revelation only adds to a body of evidence that begins with […]

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May 29 2006

This Is Pure Horror

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*** Important Update At The End *** Imperfection has become the reason to abort. I am stridently pro-life. I am not ready to make all abortions illegal, but I think we can all make the case that treatable birth defects (also known as human imperfections) should NEVER be a reason to kill a human being. […]

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May 29 2006

Almost Bailed On Reps on Immigration

I was thinking what kind of political loss would straighten up the Conservatives so the would accept their border and employer enforcement enhancements and accept the guest worker program. I was thinking if Rick Santorum had been on the hard line side (instead of the hard success side) then he could be a reasonable sacrificial […]

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