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May 22 2006

Iraq Stands Up And Takes Over Destiny

*** Update: Ralph Peters basically says the same thing today: WITH the formation of Iraq’s new government, it’s a good time to take stock of where we stand in our confrontation with Islamist terror. You wouldn’t know it from the outrageously dishonest headlines, but we’re winning. “ End update *** Poor Mad Murtha and them […]

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May 22 2006

Yugoslavia Is Now History

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The ‘country’ of Yugoslavia is now gone as Montenegro has voted independance from Serbia: With nearly all ballots counted, 55.4 percent of voters chose to dissolve Montenegro’s 88-year union with its much larger and sometimes overbearing Balkan neighbor. That is just over the 55 percent threshold needed to validate Sunday’s referendum under rules set by […]

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May 22 2006

Fanatic Muslims Far From Brave

The news concerning the Taliban’s and Al Qaeda’s attempted spring offensive in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a story of a one sided war, where the terrorists poke their heads up and get slaughtered.   Yes, there are civilian casualties.  The Terrorists are infamous for killing people who they suspect do not unconditionally follow their leadership.  But […]

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