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Dec 26 2005

Impeachment Will Be 2006 Issue

Just when I thought things would be tough for Bush and the Republicans this year, the leftward fringes decide to march off the cliff looking for prime time coverage: We The People remind Congress that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution, from both enemies foreign and domestic. 1. Call or Fax Congress […]

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Dec 26 2005

Why We Monitor Al Qaeda

Why is the liberal left so deranged over Bush protecting us from terrorists? Who knows, and honestly, who cares. When Al Qaeda contacts someone in the US, it is probably not to wish us all a long and peaceful life. Apparently we have had, on average, 25 attacks per year planned against us over the […]

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Dec 26 2005

Poor Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas should have retired before she decided to demonstrate why one shouldn’t try to do something well past their prime. In her liberal diatribe for a liberal west coast rag, Thomas makes glaring mistakes and incoherent stabs at misinformation: Bush has used the 9-11 attacks as his carte blanche to initiate domestic spying on […]

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Dec 26 2005

Blogs For Life Conference

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My good friend Peter at March Together For Life told me about a Blogs For Life Conference to be held here in DC on January 26th and featuring NRO’s own K-Lo. I am going to try and attend, and hopefully you folks will want to as well.

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Dec 26 2005

Precursor WMD Attacks in Russia

Ed Morrissey first posted on a strange illness hitting school children in Chechnya. The Russians had been dismissing a chemical or biological attack so I had held off posting on it. But now there is a new gas attack in a shopping mall there: Scores of people were hospitalized Monday morning after a pungent substance […]

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Dec 26 2005

FISA Mutiny?

Updates and corrections at the end Given the breaking news in Russia I am going to make this short and to the point. Previously I pointed out how FISA was not anywhere near as nimble as the anti-Bush crowd pretended, as they were hysterically calling for impeachment. Note: It would be better for the democrats […]

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