Dec 26 2005

Impeachment Will Be 2006 Issue

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Just when I thought things would be tough for Bush and the Republicans this year, the leftward fringes decide to march off the cliff looking for prime time coverage:

We The People remind Congress that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution, from both enemies foreign and domestic. 1. Call or Fax Congress and let them know, impeachment or else. 2. Organize State of the Union MOSH II protest, gather in DC to put the pressure on Congress the week before the SOTU. 3. Jan 31st, surround the capitol building, project truth videos to the riot cops, remind them that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution.

Bush attempting to become Dictator of America

Dictator: a ruler who is unconstrained by law

Bush is asking Congress to officially announce that he is indeed above the law- in effect crowning him America’s first dictator.

Spying on Americans without a warrant is expressly forbidden in the Constitution. Bush admitted to authorizing this unconstitutional act more than 30 times. This means Bush broke the law. There is no grey area here, Bush broke the law- period.

I hope they get wall-to-wall coverage on all the majjor networks! Because Clinton did the same thing, but only not against terrorists planning attacks on the US.

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  1. GoldenEagle says:

    Impeachment has to be an issue in 2006 in order to divert attention from the Democrats’ failure to make Iraq a failure, not to mention the cover-up of the Barrett report. Every time impeachment comes up the following should be brought up:
    1) the Iraq success and the Democrats attempt to make it a failure;
    2) the current attempt to sabotage US intelligence to divert attention from the Middele East success;
    3) the cover-up of the Barrett report that sheds light on IRS abuses. Who does the public fear most: the NSA or the IRS?

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