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Dec 27 2005

Is Ex-FISA Judge Still Active?

We mentioned on this post we would see an indication of whether Judge Robertson is under investigation if we detected changes in his schedule on the District Court. We may or may not have seen such changes today. Here is what we posted earlier, schedule wise: Is he clearing his docket of cases so he […]

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Dec 27 2005

FISA Fought 9-11 Changes, Demanded Gorelick Wall Stay

Many Updates at the end It is becoming more and more evident some FISA judges (James Robertson?)were resisting common sense changes to the intelligence and law enforcement process that would enhance our chances of thwarting future 9-11 attacks. Our reader SBD commented on our previous post this morning and provides clear evidence the FISA wars […]

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Dec 27 2005

More On The FISA War

Updates at the end The left is all up in their paranoid poses pretending somehow every American is at risk for monitoring because an Al Qaeda terrorist might come calling and expose their entire life for all to see. Just because they are paranoid doesn’t mean someone is not out to get them. But while […]

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