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Dec 09 2005

The Right Rocks, The Duh! Files

From Editor & Publisher NEW YORK In an argument sure to be challenged in certain sectors of the blogosphere, a story in The New York Times magazine coming up this Sunday declares that conservative blogs continue to best liberal blogs in political and electoral influence. The title of the piece by Michael Crowley in the […]

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Dec 09 2005

Lieberman: Sec Def or Republican

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Rumors are floating around the Joe Lieberman is either going to become the new Secretary of Defense… Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld hosted Sen. Joe Lieberman for a breakfast meeting Thursday amid speculation that the Connecticut Democrat could be in line to succeed him. Lieberman, who has emerged as President Bush’s staunchest Democratic defender on the […]

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Dec 09 2005

Earth Science & Mysteries

A lot of news today on why we have a lot to learn about our home planet and what is happening to it. We start with the news that the North Pole is accelerating the pace of its meandering: Earth’s north magnetic pole is rapidly drifting away from Canada and toward Siberia, scientists said Thursday. […]

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Dec 09 2005

MJ Guilty Concience? Or Simply Lonely?

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What is up with Michael Jackson these days? We did a post on the fact there was clear evidence on Michael Jackson’s bizzare sleeping habits over the years. The news was enough to make any paretn shudder. It is also clear he had recently been warned to change these sick habits if he wants to […]

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Dec 09 2005

Iran’s Nuclear Game, UPDATE

I will be starting a category on Iran and their nuclear brinkmanship since it is clear this problem is only going to escalate. In a recent post I highlighted the Iranian Nuke game and how time was running out for options. I have been exchanging emails with Steve Schippert of ThreatsWatch who has definitely been […]

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Dec 09 2005

Fly By 12/09/05

Well the snow scare here in DC was, again, not what was predicted. Our 4-6 inches was more like 2-3, but with a cap of frozen rain it seems (I have not been out yet). Earlier this week there was 4-6 inches predicted and we barely got 1 inch. But for the DC area, it […]

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Dec 09 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

Results for this week’s Watcher’s Council are out and I am proud to say we placed second this week! In the Council category first place went to “…Have a Great Time Dieing in the War. From, Miguel” by The Sundries Shack, while second place went to yours truly for Iran’s Nuclear Game. In the non […]

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