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Dec 06 2005

Plame Out Of CIA

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Hat Tip Michelle Malkin. Many times in DC the game is payback. Simple payback. The ranting on the left about Iraq is payback for Clinton’s 1998 impeachment and Gore’s 2000 loss to Bush. But what about the CIA war against Bush (here, here and here)? Was that payback for Valerie. I find it strangely coincidental […]

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Dec 06 2005

Muslims Slaughtering Muslims

Al-Zarqawi and Al Qaeda continue their blood thirsty rampage against the Infidels peaceful followers of Islam as they present the proud face of Allah’s greatness for all the world to see: Two suicide bombers struck Baghdad’s police academy Tuesday, killing at least 43 people and wounding 73 more, U.S. officials said, while Al-Jazeera broadcast an […]

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Dec 06 2005

Embryonic Stem Cell Debacle

The emrbyonic stem cell research is fast falling behind adult stem cell therapies now coming out. Adult stem cells treatments are being used on patients with paralysis and seeing results (see comments). Conversely, embryonic stem cells have seen cysts and out of control growth when applied, and now it seems one of the few and […]

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Dec 06 2005

Raging RINO’s Sighted, Singing!

Did you know RINOs could sing? Well neither did I! But the RINOs are over at No Credentials belting out song after song during their Karaoke Night fling. Big thanks to Rose for getting the party rolling. Check them out.

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Dec 06 2005

Get Your Cluelessness!

The 24th Carnival of the Clueless is up at Rick Moran’s Right Wing Nut House. Check out who is this week’s winner for the most clueless!

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Dec 06 2005

CIA Traitors Tell AQ Where To Find Prisoners

We need to shutdown and clear out the CIA. These treasonous bastards are trying to give Benedict Arnold a good name: Two CIA secret prisons were operating in Eastern Europe until last month when they were shut down following Human Rights Watch reports of their existence in Poland and Romania. Current and former CIA officers […]

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