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Jun 20 2005

Shameful Shakedown

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Ed Morrissey has a post on a complete misuse of prosecutorial powers in Texas. It is regarding the same Kool-Aid drinking prosecutor who has spent his career (and taxpayers money) trying to catch Tom Delay on anything he could think of. Read this piece from a Byron York article at NRO and think about the […]

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Jun 20 2005

The Manning DSM – Seymour Hersh?

After getting the comment from Seixon which resulted in the previous post, I decided to re-look the Manning DSM, which is the memo which stands out uniquely as not being transcribed by typewriter or in a PDF format. In this memo there is a very bizarre reference to Seymour Hersh – yes that Seymour Hersh. […]

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Jun 20 2005

What Is Michael Smith Up To?

I received a comment from Seixon ( which addressed something I had noticed on the Rawstory site and started to address, but changed my mind simply because I was not sure what it meant. It is worth exploring. There are two exclusive sets of documents here. One is the package of 6 documents he wrote […]

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Jun 20 2005

GITMO Slap Down

Hat tip to Lori Byrd on this perfect slap down of the democrats’ living icon. From Betsy Newmark: So, Bill Clinton, a former president, is now on record for believing the allegations of former detainees rather than the U.S. military which denies those charges. Yup, he shows more faith in a terrorist, trained to tell […]

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Jun 20 2005

Rather, Michael Smith, Durbin

Is it possible Dysmal Dick Durbin ‘sexed up’ statements in the FBI report he referred to when he compared American and its military to Nazis, the Gulags and Pol Pots killing fields? One knowledgeable official familiar with the memo cited by Durbin as well as other memos said the FBI agent made no such allegation […]

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Jun 20 2005

Bolt(on) from the Blue

Apparently the rumors about a vote on Bolton coming were true. So hang onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, let’s see what happens in the Senate tonight! Hat Tip Redstate Debate begins at 5pm, be sure to tune in on C-Span. There’s still time to commmunicate with some key Senators. UPDATE: 7:00 PM Eastern – […]

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Jun 20 2005

Downing Reporter Supports Bush Impeachment

I decided to get some more background on the Times of London reporter who decided on a bizarre method to ‘hide’ his source through some creative transcribing. Suffice to say Michael Smith has been on a bit of tour pushing the memos and what they could mean. He interviewed with the Washington Post recently and […]

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Jun 20 2005

Ramp UP for US SC Nominationa

There is a distinct possibility that the first US SC retirement could come as early as next week ,as predictions fly that Rehnquist may finally step down. Both sides are gearing up for the battle royale that will take place in the Senate: Like hostile nations on the edge of apocalypse, Washington’s political right and […]

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Jun 20 2005

How Liberal’s Support Our Troops

Don Surber has a great list of how the liberal pols (and to some extent the MSM) support our troops. Here is a snippet, please read the whole thing 1. By banning military recruiters from their campuses. 2. By voting against new weapons. 3. By using the military to debate social issues. 4. By voting […]

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Jun 20 2005

Stunner: Dovish Dems

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The NYPost has a stunning op-ed piece out today by Ari Melber which claims 50% of democrats do not think Al Quaeda is a priority: Exactly 50 percent of Democrats do not believe dismantling al Qaeda should be a top foreign-policy goal. In fact, when recently asked to name the top two “most important foreign […]

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