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Jun 08 2005

Adult Stem Cell Successes

I have been meaning to compile a listing of recent successes in adult stem cell research, the kinds of break throughs the MSM seem unwilling to report since it doesn’t progress their agenda on embryonic research. An act commonly known as propaganda. These are results that have been reported in the last few months alone: […]

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Jun 08 2005

More Breakthroughs In Adult Stem Cells

Science Daily has some news out in the adult stem cell research. It includes some good background on the challenges in this field. While research on human embryonic stem cells gets most of the press, scientists are also investigating the potential therapeutic uses of adult stem cells. Although less controversial, this research faces other difficulties. […]

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Jun 08 2005

Dollars Fleeing Embryo Research

As I suspected in a previous post, the lack of tangible results in the embryonic stem cell research, coupled with success in various adult stem cell research, has had the effect of investment following the path of most promise. A Washington Times article covers this phenomenon and recognition in the research community embryo research may […]

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Jun 08 2005

Justice Janice Rogers Brown

The vote is on (5:00 PM Eastern)! Pretty much a party line vote as they go through the roll. Byrd crossed over! He must be in trouble in ’06, OK, maybe that was Burr yes, and Byrd no. Nelson of Nebraska crossed over. Obama was a ‘no’, that will play well in the African American […]

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Jun 08 2005

Gay marriages fake and anarchic

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The new Pope has summed it up: Pope condemns gay marriages as fake and anarchic – Yahoo! News “The greatest expression of freedom is not the search for pleasure,” he said, adding that society seemed to want to tear down the moral goalposts he said were needed for its future. When will the “feel good” […]

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Jun 08 2005

American Al Quaeda

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Capt Ed Morrissey has a post up on the recent arrest of a father/son duo who probably managed an AQ sleeper cell in Lodi, CA. The original story is from the Sacromento Bee and MSNBC (see the Captain’s site for the links). How anyone living in this country can be so wacked out as to […]

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Jun 08 2005

Forrester Takes On Corzine

In what will be a very important governor’s race with impact on the Senate in 2006, we now have the line up for the NJ Govenor’s race this fall.. Corzine’s ego may be his undoing given NJ’s recent political scandals (e.g., McGreevey and his boyfriend being named head of NJ homeland security). Corzine easily won […]

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Jun 08 2005

Liberals Fear Senate Deal Was Bad

Liberals are beginning to express doubts about the Senate deal to end the filibuster of judicial nominees, as illustrated in a Washington Post article today: Democrats generally cheered, and Republicans groused, when a bipartisan group of senators crafted a compromise on judicial nominations last month. But with the Senate now confirming several conservative nominees whom […]

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Jun 08 2005

Dean’s Mouth Runneth Over

Dean has got to be either the clumsiest, self destructive DNC Chair in the history of the democrat party or he is simply the Prince of Darkness leading the liberal hordes over the cliff (sorry, too much Coalition history on the mind right now). His recent comments are just stunning in how repulsive they are. […]

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Jun 08 2005

Now A History of The Chillin’

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An important time in the history of the Coalition of the Chillin’ has been posted Right Wing Nut House. They were barbaric times , with much tension and concern as to where the world might be heading.

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