Jun 20 2005

Shameful Shakedown

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Ed Morrissey has a post on a complete misuse of prosecutorial powers in Texas. It is regarding the same Kool-Aid drinking prosecutor who has spent his career (and taxpayers money) trying to catch Tom Delay on anything he could think of. Read this piece from a Byron York article at NRO and think about the implications.

Ronnie Earle, the Texas prosecutor who has indicted associates of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay in an ongoing campaign-finance investigation, dropped felony charges against several corporations indicted in the probe in return for the corporations’ agreement to make five- and six-figure contributions to one of Earle’s pet causes.

A grand jury in Travis County, Texas, last September indicted eight corporations in connection with the DeLay investigation. All were charged with making illegal contributions (Texas law forbids corporate giving to political campaigns). Since then, however, Earle has agreed to dismiss charges against four of the companies — retail giant Sears, the restaurant chain Cracker Barrel, the Internet company Questerra, and the collection company Diversified Collection Services — after the companies pledged to contribute to a program designed to publicize Earle’s belief that corporate involvement in politics is harmful to American democracy.

OK let’s extrapolate some scenarios and wonder why the MSM is not taking this guy to task.

(1) A prosecutor wins indictments against NARL and NOW regarding illegal campaingn contributions to the democrat party or candidates, and in a plea agreement forces the groups to pay large donations to a PAC the prosecutor has set up which promotes making abortion illegal
(2) A prosecutor wins indictments against the AFL-CIO and other unions for illegal campaign contributions, the unions settle out of court by donating large sums of money to a think tank which specializes in breaking unions
(3) A prosecutor wins indictments against the NAACP for illegal campaign contributions. The NAACP settles out of court by paying large donations to an out of state white supremacy group run by an affiliate of the prosecutor.

This prosecutor needs to be prosecuted before he destroys our legal system.

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    Kudos to AJ

    AJ Strata has been on a roll lately, with a lot of good work on the biases of the Downing Street Memo reporter, and this post on a fellow I’m all too familiar with, having lived in Austin for (gulp!) almost twenty years now…so what are you waiting …