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Jun 23 2005

Downing Smith Strikes Again

Michael Smith must think people are so stupid he can make things up with impunity, and no one will see the illogic of his statemments. Either that or he was incredibly naive about what war entails, and the work it takes to win the peace after the fighting is over. Thanks to Bill Crawford at […]

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Jun 23 2005

Doom and Gloom Democrats

Democrats are crystallizing their ineptitude and ability to be easily intimidated in the world – not a good thing when one thinks of national security or homeland security. Ted Kennedy’s ridiculous whining about how hard it is in Iraq, it’s a quagmire, we must cut and run, it’s too hard, is going to mean a […]

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Jun 23 2005

Stem Cell Snake Oil

Folks, when I try and write quickly to catch up, I end up becoming incoherent. The wife catches these all the time and is constantly running behind me cleaning up the text. I got an email on this post so here is the more coherent version: This article in SFgate is a classic example of […]

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Jun 23 2005

Karl Rove Comments

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He is NOT an elected official (Senators) of this country, He did NOT disparage our military or our country, He did NOT help the recruitment PR for terrorists, He did NOT make baseless claims (he just stretched them too far and too broadly). So there is no meat there. Democrats would have been smarter to […]

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Jun 23 2005

Supreme Court Makes GOP Case

Sorry for the light posting today – lots of meetings today, all day. The Supreme Court’s decision on eminent domain, while completely unconstitutional and dispicable, gave the GOP a huge advantage in the upcoming Supreme Court judicial nomination fights. All the GOP has to do is point to the ruling as ‘extraordinary circumstances’ to fight […]

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Jun 23 2005

Earth To Dems…

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The democrats strategy these days seems to be one of mindless fixation. In the Washington Post today we learn that Sen Carl Levin is planning to hold up a nomination for defense policy chief, because he wants information on the outgoing chief! And why does he need information on the outgoing chief in order to […]

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