Jun 20 2005

Bolt(on) from the Blue

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Apparently the rumors about a vote on Bolton coming were true. So hang onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, let’s see what happens in the Senate tonight!

Hat Tip Redstate

Debate begins at 5pm, be sure to tune in on C-Span. There’s still time to commmunicate with some key Senators.


7:00 PM Eastern – The vote was 54 to 38 for cloture, which is actually just about one vote off from a 60% of the senators voting. I think it is clear that the administration has some rationale for the recess appointment. On the other hand, they could continue to use this to paint the democrats as unreasonable, partisan obstructionists. That kind of PR is a benefit as well.


Jayson at Polipundit sees the pay off for the GOP as the democrats waste their image holding up Bolton. He has some interesting data as well

51 = number of Republicans who voted for cloture (93%).
3 = number of Democrats who voted for cloture (6%).
8 = not voting (three Republicans, and five Democrats).


I agree 100% with Viking Pundit on the strategies and ramifications these continuous filibuster votes on Bolton:

By staging another failed cloture vote by the Senate Democrats, Dubya is setting up “filibuster fatigue.” Between the chronic blocking of democratic up-or-down votes and the agreement to only filibuster nominees for “extraordinary circumstances,” it will be extremely difficult for Democrats to block a Supreme Court nominee. While the Democrats expend energy blocking that all-important position of U.N. ambassador, Bush is keeping an eye on the judicial branch.

In other words, given that John Bolton is almost certain to get a recess appointment, it’s time to chill once again.

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