May 31 2005

Some in Media Chillin’

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There are more and more voices coming out who agree with the Coalition of the Chillin’ that the filibuster deal is a transient step in a much longer process.

Yes, there are seven Republican senators who signed on to the deal. But is there anyone with even a superficial knowledge of political reality who believes that these men and women would continually resist the program of their own president so recently re-elected in a decisive manner?
Perhaps if that president were proposing solutions far off the political center, these senators could, and even should, oppose him. The propaganda of the Democrats has compulsively characterized President Bush in this way, but the country did not agree in 2004.

The next few weeks will be pivotal. The dems will filibuster someone like Saad or Myers, and then they will have to convince the American people the fiilibuster target is evil incarnate.

The problem is the dems have cried “wolf” too many times already. Recently they claimed Owen, Brown and Pryor were way too out on the fringe to be judges, but then they allowed them to get floor votes. But why stop there? The democrats crying “wolf” goes back to Reagan’s inevitable destruction of the environment and how he was going to get us into a war with the Soviets. It sustained itself by claiming Welfare Reform would inevitably result in throwing millions of hunrgy children into our city streets. The cries of “wolf” were running full pace for George W Bush when it was clear we were heading into a long, drawn out quagmire in Afghanistan, a long drawn out quagmire with tens of thousands of body bags in Iraq from Saddam using WMDs (and these cries were limited to battle, not rebuilding). Let’s also not forget the cries of “wolf” about tax cuts hurting the economy.

Let’s just say after 20 years of dire predictions which NEVER come true, the liberal establishment has developed a well earned reputation for exaggeration. So when the cries of “wolf” come screaming out from Senators claiming the world as we know it will end if Judge X is nominated, I will still be Chillin’.

The question is will all conservatives be Chillin’ and let the liberals demolish themselves in overacting? Or will they again set up the circular firing squad and give cover to liberals?

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