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Nov 23 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

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I have decided I am done with politics for this week. I want to instead focus on all we can be thankful for, which in my case is a wonderful family and the opportunity to realize the American Dream of self-made success (at least to the rungs of the Upper Middle Class). I recently discovered […]

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Nov 20 2016

“News” Media Stuck On Stupid, As They Circle The Drain To Oblivion

The GOP establishment tried to destroy Trump via innuendo and hyped-up falsehoods during the 2016 primaries. Their Big Smear Guns failed to dent Trump. In fact, those attacks may have given Trump a huge boost in the eye of the average voter looking for an outsider who will charge the gates of the Political Industrial […]

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Nov 19 2016

The Current Political Turmoil In USA Looks So “Hunger Games”

  Washington DC in a Bubble   This has been an incredible election cycle. Historic in its impacts, historic in how badly the political elite missed what was happening, historic in how poorly the losers are dealing with their loss. There have been a smattering of intelligent commentary among the sea of outlandish accusations and […]

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Nov 15 2016

My Thoughts Post-Election View Summed Up In A Cartoon

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The post-election, hysteria-killing, says-it-all cartoon: Hat Tip Powerline Blog

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Nov 10 2016

A Few Understand What Just Happened

If you did not see the Trump win coming, then you probably need to recognize your world view is a bit out off kilter I say this for those who want to rejoin the real America, which is not a racist or misogynist place – any more than Trump is racist or misogynist If you […]

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Nov 09 2016

Those “Fictional” Stealth Trump Voters – They Do Exist!

Turnout models – the bane of the polling industry! Sort of like climate models, lots of supposition and wish-casting, but when placed against reality they fall apart. The reason the pollsters got it wrong this election cycle is they cannot see outside the frame of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC)*. Heaven help us if they […]

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Nov 09 2016

A New Day Dawns In America

It is a fresh new day in America, thanks to Les Deplorables. President-elect Trump is planning his transition to take over from the Lame Duck Golfer-in-Chief. The Clintons are driving off into the annals of history – and at least one FBI investigation into their illegally gotten gains using access to the State Department to […]

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Nov 08 2016

The Unknown Election – Live Blogging

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7:32 PM Eastern: I have to point out if Trump is crushing in WV and IN and KY, he will pull out OH and PA.  There is a correlation in terms of the fact a 20% margin in a red state will be a 5% margin in a purple state.  We will see who has […]

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Nov 08 2016

The Left’s Pathetic “Ground Game” Grasping

Update: This is how you fool the dupes – just dangle some graphs in front of them which ignore the 62% of the voters and focus in on 9% contacted (but are the Clinton votes?) to find redemption! Note they failed to mention that 62% who got out on their own on … Hot Air??? […]

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Nov 08 2016

Is Democrat Turnout Cratering?

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Is the Democrat turnout fading? I ask this because I now see three big signs this may be happening. The first is an update this morning from Colorado on the early voting there (Source of this data is here): There is a clear drop off in Democrat voting, along with a clear uptick in Independents. […]

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